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Loft House Design / 960 m² of space and comfort

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The main features of the loft design of the house are inherent in industrial notes and unusual spatial solutions. Translated from English, this word means “attic” or “apartment upstairs.” This determines the characteristic features of the style: manufacturability, spaciousness, a combination of traditional and modern ideas.

loft house design exterior

loft private house design combined with modern architectural designs

The architectural direction of the loft is suitable for the design of residential premises with an area of more than 100 square meters. m., since in this case, designers have room to implement the most daring ideas. The mansion in a picturesque area near Mexico City allowed architects and designers to translate into building forms the motto of this direction in design: “Less partitions and more free space!”

Even a fleeting glance at the house allows you to feel the breadth and courage of architectural thought. Uncomplicated and clear structural forms are complemented by a cantilever floor, open areas and a good layout of the site. The restraint of the appearance of the building is combined with the preserved natural vegetation. And the unusual spotlighting of the facade emphasizes all the advantages of the exterior, even at night and evening hours.

The blue waters of the pool set off the glass-concrete grandeur of the cottage. The “L” -shaped shape of the building provides privacy and security for the recreation area and offers beautiful views of the surrounding area.

On a note. The loft style is inherent in industrial elements in the exterior and interior of the house. Massive metal poles and supports both outside and inside the building will become appropriate.

open plan with industrial overtones – loft style house design

The variety and perfect combination of various textures of finishing materials for the facade, which is manifested in the external arrangement of the house, smoothly migrates to the interior rooms.

Gray metal structures, a ceiling imitating a wooden attic floor and gray industrial shades combined with large panoramic windows are typical manifestations of the loft style in the interior of the house.

The choice of materials for the interior is made taking into account the characteristics of the environment. Stone of volcanic origin and wood of local species allowed to create a unique atmosphere inside the house, which echoes national preferences in home improvement. The presence of spacious open areas, natural materials and comfortable furniture are some more manifestations of the bohemian and modern style of the loft.

Unusual decoration details and elements in the decoration of the dwelling give aesthetic richness to the loft interior. Corners of living vegetation give design solutions naturalness and completeness, creating a joyful and light mood in the house

The architectural project created a living space on three levels, successfully using the topography of the area. The lower floor is given to the social zone: pantries, technical rooms and a bar. One level higher is the living room, kitchen, dining area, and an extensive terrace. On the upper console floor there are spacious bedrooms, where in a secluded setting you can enjoy the scenery to the horizon.
All interior rooms are spacious, modern and comfortable, which is fully consistent with the general architectural idea – the loft-design of the house.

Architects Di Frenna Arquitectos
Photo Oscar Hernández