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Loft Style House Design ~ 30+ Wood and metal finishing ideas

Modern design directions for the design of private houses differ from classical ideas. Freedom, minimalism, open space – this is all a loft design, which appeared not so long ago.

In such a room youth reigns, there is no pomp and adornment. The most inexpensive and spacious style is precisely the industrial-urban interior. In this case, we will look at the photo of the Japanese loft with its features and advantages.

When designing a loft house design, architects must provide for a minimum of 2 floors. It is convenient, functional and practical. In this completed project, we see a suspended ceiling on which separate rooms are located. This decision is very extraordinary, because in a single-level house they divided the space into two floors. In addition, the usual concrete is used for the suspension, but a metal structure.

In the photo you can clearly see the main features of the interior in the style of a Japanese loft – this:

  • Rough finish – metal and wood, unpainted walls, cold shades;
  • Engineering systems, structures, fixtures are in open form;
  • Simple furniture without expensive upholstery, which suits the general situation;
  • Free layout, maximum freedom in the room;
  • Decorative elements that immediately attract attention;
  • Panoramic windows, glazed doors, sliding systems.

Imagining a loft design, a photo of the real situation shows the real idea of the interior. Using the construction of the second floor, builders reduced the height of the ceilings. On the one hand, there is a feeling of constriction, and on the other, open space increases the entire area of the room. For contrast, decoration with two materials is thought out – wood and metal. One part of the suspension structure is made in the form of wooden beams, and the second of black metal blocks.

On the second floor, rooms are also decorated with wood of the same tone. Glazing to the entire height of the suspension system fills the room with light, allowing you to admire the surrounding atmosphere. In general, the interior itself looks simple, even with such complex ideas.

Loft Colors

To characterize the design in the loft style, you can use several colors – gray, white, black, brown. The main four palettes are used in Japanese housing. White walls, gray floor, concrete imitation of the side of the room, natural furniture evoke associations with production and construction. But here we see a contrasting combination of shades, white planes are adjacent to black. This does not so much intensify the situation, but dilutes it with paints of good mood.

If you look at the house from a distance, covering the entire area, the house seems very bright, cozy, spacious. This is achieved through correctly placed accents, a harmonious combination of colors. Furniture in the same muted colors is responsible for comfort, it is not catchy, restrained.

Loft style wall decoration

Designing the interior design in the loft style, the craftsmen use brickwork, which partially fills the wall. The main coating area is painted in a light tone – gray, white with elements of stains. The rough concrete in the form of a side column in the photo looks very impressive due to the wooden flooring. Here we see that space has no separation from the outside of the house. The room and the courtyard do not seem to be separated – solid glazing was used for this. Doors and panoramic windows in metal trim show the beauty of nature. It’s also a great way to fill the dim space with natural light.

The wall with brickwork, which serves as a partition between the kitchen and the rest area, attracts attention in the loft interior design. The open space inspires new life, solitude. Only the urban style can convey all the sensations of freedom, where there are no doors, fences. And the imitation of an old, worn wall only emphasizes the idea.

Looking through the whole house, it can be seen that the entrance part is decorated with natural stone with its natural texture. Architects did not distort the beauty, leaving it scuffed, stained, uneven, peeled. For loft, this is the main value that preserves the basic style.

Loft flooring

For production conditions and warehouses it is typical to use concrete for laying the floor. This is the main characteristic for the loft style. In residential premises, such an implementation is impractical in terms of the cold, which is constantly felt in the legs. An excellent substitute will be a natural finish in the form of natural wood, laminate, parquet. Looking at the photo where the loft design is presented in its classic version, it can be seen that the floor covering has two options. For the second level, a tree is used in the form of parquet of different colors.

On the ground floor, the coating is combined, made in gray. With the help of such variations, it is possible to divide each individual zone. To climb to the second floor there is a staircase with a small wooden threshold. Transitioning a dark brown texture into a light one makes a winning accent.

Choosing a loft design for your home, furniture will not play a major role in it. This is not a classic interior, where everything is cluttered with voluminous sofas, chairs with textile upholstery, huge tables. In appearance, one can make an assumption that the furniture was bought at the sale of trash or do-it-yourself products. Despite the simplicity of the forms, this is a winning choice. Minimalist arrangement – the main characteristic of the style. A low backless sofa made of wood with a soft base, small white poufs, a metal chair – this is the description of the entire living room. Simple but tasteful.

Most of the room is reserved for a spacious place where you can sit on the wooden part of the floor, read books, magazines. Interior decoration takes a more important role in this case. To distract attention from the main atmosphere of the room, the original method was used. Designers on the wall placed open wooden shelves that resemble a closet.

Wooden furniture is environmentally friendly, durable, has a pleasant aesthetic appearance and a gentle shade. What is the special design in the loft style, the photo of which is visible? Those that decor are laconicly arranged here – books, paintings, symbolic figurines, coasters. And most importantly – living blooms that fill the house with freshness.

A variety of decor items highlight the uniqueness of the interior, especially those made in the spirit of national traditions. The overall appearance will be filled with integrity, liveliness.

Lighting in loft design

The loft style is a modern design that recreates the true spirit of urban life. Whatever the layout, the main thing is to properly distribute the lighting. Since there are no extra partitions in the room, most of the room is illuminated by natural light. Thus, the house is divided into zones. Lighting devices should be the most diverse, best elongated, metal shape, contrasting color.

In the photo of a striking example of a Japanese loft, we see a massive chandelier, small lamps, pendant lamps, round spotlights. An unusual silhouette in combination with a large lampshade looks original and causes mixed feelings. The backlight is suitable for a relaxation area where there is enough dim light. This option of lighting visually enlarges the room, gives volume, highlights zones.

The first and second suspended floors have separate lighting. For a bedroom it is more saturated. And on the first level there is enough installed one chandelier, because sunlight completely illuminates the whole space. Despite what design the loft-style project was conceived, lighting fixtures should be combined in style. Color, shape, material of manufacture are fully consistent with the whole situation.

Is the kitchen loft large or small?

Designers decided to allocate a small area for loft-style kitchen design. The kitchen area is included in the common living room, designed as a studio. It is practical and convenient, especially for such a small house. The decoration of the room does not differ from the general line. There is a refrigerator, the kitchen itself is black in color with a work surface and a sink. As for furniture, the massive wooden table with chrome legs became a bright note.

The kitchen area is suitable not only for a meal, but also for reading books, work, because here there is perfect lighting and a view of the street. Fully open walls inspire and create a wonderful atmosphere of freedom. The kitchen is very spacious, furnished in the spirit of minimalism, where there is no decor even on furniture. Note that all doors are made without handles, creating a continuous surface. Refinement is given by fresh flowers, unusual chairs with a combination of black and brown colors.

The corner part of the square is set aside as a separate room. A small and cozy corner is decorated with natural wood, there is brickwork on the wall. There is no doubt that the design of the loft kitchen in the photo will amaze the most creative designer. Maximum light, minimum kitchen utensils – these are ideal characteristics for urban styling.


The bedroom is the most secluded place where you can relax and enjoy the silence. The characteristic design of the loft-style bedroom provides for the location of the room on the second floor. The peculiarity of the room in light-painted walls, plain design without unnecessary elements. The room becomes bright, comfortable and spacious, even with limited space. The photo of the equipped house shows that the suspended structure has two bedrooms.

Designers used large wooden windows, sliding doors and a minimum of furniture. This solution is fully consistent with the principles of arrangement in a loft style. The only decor is the original floor lamp for normal lighting in the evening. All decoration of the bedroom itself and the adjacent area is made of wood. The terrace board with metal edging brings a specific character and rigor.


The decorated loft-style bathroom design provides for a completely open space without doors and partitions. Despite the small dimensions of the bathroom, all plumbing is very compactly installed. It was possible to stylize the room under natural decoration. Wooden ceiling, metal ceilings are combined with bathtub lining under gray concrete.

Agree that the designers subtly emphasized the modern loft, which intertwines high-tech and eclecticism. Chrome plumbing, a metal lamp create an impeccable taste. And the room due to open walls visually seems much larger.

Practicality of each meter of space

If the interior design of the house in the loft style is chosen for interior decoration, then the entire area should be used functionally. The Japanese loft in this photo demonstrates this opportunity. The hinged second level allows you to go down directly to a small living room. With it, without stairs and stairs. This was due to the low located structure, which is located between the rooms.

On a wooden basis, adults can have a great time reading books, and children will like this place for creative manifestations. The view from the heights and the excellent panorama from the window allow you to completely relax, filled with fantastic ideas. The location of this type of canopy is only possible in the urban design. Wood and metal décor is a classic loft finish.

Not a single child will be able to refuse the opportunity to visit at an altitude, while not feeling danger. Metal fences are very strong, reliable. And their aesthetics amazes the ideas of creativity. Here, an important point is the lighting in the form of an elongated lamp with a ceiling covering this niche. It is worth noting that for each zone an individual type of lighting is used. This is necessary in order to separate the functional purpose of space.

What else do you need to know about loft design?

Not only the design of the room, but its functionality, content distinguish this style. First of all, the design of the loft room does not tolerate limitation, cramped space. An open plan should be used, whether it is a bedroom or a living room. Zoning occurs due to the division of the area, the use of custom designs. The photo shows that two separate rooms do not have adjacent walls. Each of them is a self-constructed construction.

The transition between the premises is also made in creative form. For this, different levels of the wooden deck are mounted. A clear line of light and dark shades of wood is visible throughout the house. Beige tone decorates the bedroom, and a rough brown passage area. Easy to operate sliding doors with full glazing. The urban style is characterized by open communications that are not masked by panels.

The first level of the house in the style of the Japanese loft seems crushed. But, given the location of two floors in one house, this is just the perfect solution. The second tier is a distinctive feature of this design. Thus, architects created multifunctional housing, where there is a secluded place for each family member. Industrial design is unusual, replete with unconventional solutions. Emphasizing something specifically will be difficult.

A central place is always allocated for a free area that is not cluttered with furniture. A characteristic feature is the use of shelves on the entire wall, where the basic accessories and decor are located. Fresh flowers on wooden coasters dilute the industrial style in which you really want to feel the natural freshness. For those who decide to choose a design project loft, you need to be prepared to abandon the luxurious furniture, bright colors. The atmosphere of restraint, severity, and spiritualization reigns in the house. The Japanese style is filled with a love of simplicity.

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