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Steep Loft Style House Exterior

Loft Style House Exterior

Remember the expression that a person is greeted by clothing … The same applies, oddly enough, to homes. Architects, designers and builders know for sure that each house has its own character and lives its own unique life. The first glimpse of the exterior of a house in the loft style can be love for life. You will want to know his interior and be with him as often as possible and longer.

Loft style is a rather young trend in architecture, which is characterized by minimalism, simplicity and cleanliness of lines.

This refined and unusual loft-style house is located on the highest point of a sandy plot surrounded by conifers. The unobtrusive exterior of the house emphasizes its strict forms and organically fits into the surrounding landscape, which was saved as much as possible during the construction of buildings.

Sandy soil required innovative and innovative solutions. Therefore, the loft-style house, as it were, hovers above the ground, due to its location on stilts. At the same time, it does not rise above the surrounding natural splendor; it merges with it. Outdoor terraces are a continuation of the interior and offer beautiful views of the pristine nature around the house.

Large panoramic windows are the highlight of the exterior of the house in the loft style and allow sunlight to penetrate into all corners of the house, giving a feeling of warmth and coziness. At the same time, the pine forest that surrounds the house from all sides allows the residents of the house to feel secluded and safe, despite the large glazed areas.

Finishing the exterior in the loft style with high-quality wood, in texture and color scheme similar to the external coniferous frame of the structure, enhances the impression of the continuity of these architectural forms and the natural environment. Steps made of the same material give the house, along with practicality, also elegance.

The asceticism of the sandy hill, on which the loft-style house is advantageously located, plays into the hands of its originality and clear geometric lines. The blue of the sky is reflected in numerous windows, the scents of coniferous forest and the singing of birds lull even the most excited hearts.

In the same style with the house, the pool is also designed, which will please the residents and guests of the house. This house will become a favorite vacation spot not only due to successful architectural designs and location, but also this unusual pool. To plunge into the alluring water blue under the canopy of a coniferous forest – what could be better after the bustle of the city.

The flat roof, typical of exterior buildings in the loft style, looks stylish and modern. In addition, it can be a huge advantage, because it allows you to equip an additional platform for rest and relaxation.

Exterior house loft-style characterized by an abundance of light. The successful placement of outdoor lamps and the abundance of light in the interior allows you to emphasize the unusual exterior and create a romantic atmosphere. Of course, you have already presented a secluded and romantic dinner with your beloved in one of these shining rooms.

Good advice: a loft-style house can become for you not just a beautiful picture, but a dream come true. To do this, it is enough to take the first step and consult with specialists.

Architects Luciano Kruk
Photo Daniela Mac Adden