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Long Format Brick – Newfangled Trend of Architectural Style

Brick is the oldest material used to decorate the exterior and interior. Innovative production approaches present architects with new types of building cladding, each of which is unique in the finished version. The discovery was a long brick, which created a field for the implementation of the most extraordinary ideas. Visually evaluate the merits of such material can be presented on the photo projects.

long format brick
long thin bricks
long skinny bricks

long thin bricks – features and specifications

Bricks of a modern format are an opportunity to create an unusual appearance of a facade thanks to the non-standard sizes. In length, it is equal to two ordinary bricks, and the height is only 38 mm. In the photo we see the cladding using Ultima RT 156 facing bricks. The uniqueness of the product lies in its visual effect – each block has an unusual texture, color variation.

Features of the building material can be described as follows:

You should not evaluate the thin format, which seems fragile and fragile. According to its technical characteristics, this line of building material is in no way inferior to heavy bricks. And innovative production technologies only enhance operational properties.

Come on with the visual effect and the possibilities of a long brick. Long format is used in different shades and orientations. Vertical layout with simultaneous horizontal inserts create the magic of texture. Specific contrast enhances the aesthetic flexibility of the exterior, which seems to have bends, protruding lines, shapes, volumetric integration.

the right color for the long brick is the key to a perfect facade

By the uniqueness of the drawing, such architectural projects are unique in their execution. It is impossible to repeat the decoration of the facade, since each brick creates a spectacular expression of the building. An important role in the choice of color is played by the surrounding area, the presence of vegetation, and the architectural style of neighboring houses. Against the background of green plants, a gray tone looks better, for a relief landscape a black shade is suitable, thereby giving the exterior a certain warmth. For commercial buildings, a gray-smoky color scheme will look advantageous.

The horizontal arrangement of the long brick is typical for the central part of the facade. The transition to the vertical plane is used for the lateral parts of the building to highlight window openings, stairs, verandas, balconies. An interesting cladding option is the project of a private house Mosevænget in Denmark. Architects beat a long brick with a standard form of building material. The first level is black and the second floor is gray. This combination is a classic combination of shades in the style of urbanism. Against the background of bright green grass, the house rises gracefully due to its architecture.

Advice! The crossbar of a long format can be used not only for decoration of an exterior, but also an interior. This style of cladding has reached the peak of popularity due to the decorative properties and high strength of the material.

If you want to create a facade of a premium class, then you just need a long brick. An elongated shape, a dynamic combination of colors and shapes makes it easy, but with chic, to finish the facade of any building.