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Luxury House Design with Open Facade

Spectacular four-storey villa in New Zealand is designed for a quality vacation on the ocean. The environment is in close contact with wildlife, exquisite surroundings, immersing residents in a fabulously beautiful, impressive world. The chic design of the open-fronted house is integrated into the existing environment with minimal impact on it.

The ultra-modern house grew up in an untouched natural environment, while not disturbing its peace and majesty. A large amount of glass, the lightness and openness of the building minimally tumbled onto the landscape, retaining that original atmosphere.

The concept of contact with the environment in the design of a house with an open facade

The main idea was to achieve close contact between luxurious spaces and exotic surroundings. The glass pavilion, in which the main social spaces are concentrated, is integrated into the landscape in such a way that the residents simultaneously plunge into the atmosphere of the coast and the dense tropical forest.

The central volume in the design of the house with an open facade was made of glass on three sides. Due to this, a panorama opens from here in several directions at once. There is a feeling of being among wildlife, and not indoors.

The connection with the ocean can be traced through a large twenty-meter pool, which stretches from a secluded private terrace to an outdoor recreation area in front of the house. At the same time, the pool is also closely connected with the internal spaces, joining them through panoramic glazing.

When arranging the terraces near the house, individual palm trees and shrubs were left. Thanks to this, housing has become closer to the majestic exotic forest. Fresh air and atmosphere literally permeate the space. The rooms are always fresh, light and light.

Restraint and luxury design of a house with an open facade

The architecture of the building is strict and concise, but at the same time the object looks expensive and chic. This effect was achieved due to large panoramic windows, spacious rooms, integration of external and internal spaces. The architects managed to combine what seemed to be the opposite, achieving the majesty of the house with elementary lines and structures.

More than 400 square meters of living space fit cozy bedrooms with large windows, a spacious living room with a kitchen and dining area, rooms for recreation, games, and sports. All this is collected in a single balanced object.

This ultra-modern house design with an open facade impresses with its scale, quality integration into the environment. The architects managed to build a huge villa without touching wildlife. This approach demonstrates respect for the environment and respect for it. In addition, materials were used in the construction that practically do not affect the environment, do not clog it.

ArchitectsDaniel Marshall Architects
ImagesSam Hartnett