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Luxury House Project in Tropics with Wood Exterior

Massive wooden house in Ecuador is a family residence for living surrounded by rich wildlife. A colorful exterior of wood, beams, crossbars, fastening structures left in sight add ease to the object and make it look like a traditional rural dwelling of this region.

At the same time, the house has a fairly large area of glazing, open spaces, and areas for direct contact of residents with the environment. The object is designed for a relaxing holiday away from the noise of the city. The purity of the air, silence and comfort become the dominant qualities of this environment.

Spectacular wood exterior to integrate the design of the house into nature

The project is based on wooden poles, beams, crossbars, boards. All this is combined into a single self-sufficient system. The building looks soundly, reliably, has home comfort.

The expressive wood exterior successfully integrates the house into the surroundings of the rainforest. It harmoniously looks against the background of the greenery of the meadow, lush vegetation in the surroundings. The building meets the highest standards and requirements in the context of environmental friendliness, cleanliness, safety.

At the same time, the wooden exterior was not created as a box, but formed according to the principle of a dynamic shell, which either opens up unlimited possibilities for residents in terms of contact with wildlife, or forms a secluded environment in which you can hide from external access and relax. The design shows a constant alternation of closed and open volumes, each of which is designed in accordance with the purpose of a particular room. At the same time, the bedroom, oddly enough, is made as open as possible. All the same, all the surroundings belong only to the residents.

The house was erected on the border of a meadow and a tropical forest, acting as a transitional link on the line separating the two natural environments. At the same time, the wooden exterior looks aesthetically pleasing in each of them. It stands out in the meadow and is closely embedded in the forest.

Coziness and comfort of a house project with a wooden exterior

Wood is considered one of the most comfortable, durable materials that provide uncompromising living conditions in any climate. Here, a wooden house has become a comfortable shelter for residents from high humidity and sweltering heat.

Exterior made of wood is not only an element of aesthetics, but also plays an important functional role. Due to it, a special, colorful atmosphere is created in the house with an emphasis on home comfort and coziness. At the same time, a pleasant microclimate is maintained in the spaces. Due to the thick walls, the house is not hot even on a sunny Ecuadorian day. Wooden canopies protect large panoramic windows from direct sunlight.

The structures of the building breathe, keeping a comfortable humidity inside. The air is saturated with the scents of the forest. The massive wood exterior becomes a tool to support the very best living conditions in tropical climates at the globe’s equator.

ArchitectsJose María Saez Taller General
ImagesJAG Studio