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Metal Facade Cladding – 3 Benefits in a Unique Project

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Metal Facade Cladding
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An interesting solution was proposed by the architects of MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects, presenting a private house with a metal facade. The cottage, located in Canada, consists of three separate buildings, each of which resembles a hangar. But at the same time, due to panoramic glazing, a stone basement and terraces in appearance, the features of residential development still prevail.

Metal facade cladding is a fairly creative approach to the exterior design of the building. In this example, we analyze the three main advantages of such a technology.


Metal facade cladding is suitable for a house of any shape and configuration. In this case, housing repeats the features of traditional suburban development, but at the same time it looks quite unusual in appearance – like real estate, perhaps even a post-apocalyptic world.

Metal is effectively combined with large panoramic windows on the floor. At the same time, the house completely merges with the local rustic atmosphere. It gives the impression of solitude and proximity to nature. Due to its location on the hill, extensive panoramic views of the surrounding area and the village open.


Metal facade cladding is more classic than futuristic. Architects sought to achieve high reliability of the building, and not chase trendy solutions, although they could not do without them:

  • modern high-tech interior;
  • zoning and rational delimitation of space;
  • large glazing area;
  • ergonomics, simplicity and perfection of forms.

It was originally planned that the project harmoniously fit into the environment of historical ruins.


Metal facade cladding focuses on the strength and reliability of the house. Outwardly, it is a protected, strong structure. And at the expense of a socle made of stone – acquires the features of a traditional fortress.

Metal facade becomes a spectacular urbanistichnym element surrounded by the natural landscape. It has virtually no decor, but the building looks stylish.

Due to the metal gable roof, the buildings of this private building do not look like containers in an industrial area, but repeat the features of a classic suburban housing. This form of buildings played a key role in ensuring that the house, trimmed with metal sheets, did not become too urbanistic.

Thus, the decoration of the facade with metal is suitable for lovers of the modern direction by the type of loft – on the verge of residential and industrial buildings. The interior space here should also be designed not in the classical style, but in accordance with modern trends – open metal beams, straightness, lack of decor. Emphasize the reliability of the house walls made of stone and wood without decoration and painting. We can see all this in the photo of the presented modern housing with a metal facade from MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects.

Architects Mackay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects
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