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Metal Frame Extension to the Summer House / 3 Ways to Use

An extension from a metal frame to the summer house from the architectural bureau Rogoski Arquitetura has become a functional device for organizing the adjoining space. The owners wanted to use the territory in a useful and rational way, compensating for the compactness of the living space.

Having built a large canopy over the terrace and part of the yard, we got 3 options at once:

Outdoor activities in any weather, day and night

Due to its massiveness and impressive area, the structure covers most of the courtyard, providing a pleasant microclimate here on hot days, and sheltering it from precipitation during rain. The canopy is made with lighting sufficient for comfortable lighting in the dark.

Due to this, a family dinner on the terrace, a picnic, relaxation with friends or outdoor games with children are available here at any time of the day or night in any weather. A covered terrace practically extends the living room, increasing the living space.

No need to look for an alternative

Leaving the house, you find yourself in a comfortable covered space that doesn’t even look like a courtyard right away. A terrace, a bar counter with chairs, a dining area at the table, a resting place with armchairs around a flower gardener, benches, and other garden furniture fit under the metal frame extension to the summer house. And right behind these areas is an open-air pool.

At the same time, there is a lot of free space left for children’s games, dancing, yoga, fitness and other activities. There is no need to look for an alternative and choose what is most important for you on the terrace. There is enough space to equip all the necessary areas for children and adults at once.

Complete freedom of action

Lightness and freedom are provided not only by the impressive area of the canopy, but also by the absence of supporting structures and racks under it. Thanks to the frame made of metal beams, the extension was realized without additional supports – they were made only along the perimeter. It turns out that under the canopy we have free space, ready for creative ideas within the framework of arrangement and operation.

The decision to build an extension from a metal frame to the summer house is an opportunity to equip several zones in the fresh air. And with sufficient size, any ideas can be realized here.

ArchitectsRogoski Arquitetura
PhotoMarcus Camargo