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Mirror Facade of a House or Invisible Building

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Floor-to-ceiling mirrored walls have become a common practice in interior design. But Walllasia’s architects have taken this decision to the outside, creating a unique mirrored facade of a house on the shores of the Andamand Sea in southern Thailand.

mirrored facade of the house photo

At a certain angle, the mirror structure visually dissolves and becomes invisible, and in the reflection of the walls we observe the continuation of the beach, sea, sunset. This is a house whose mood changes with the weather and time of day. It is unique every day, acquiring new colors, and changing from morning to evening several times.

Idyll of the mirrored facade of a house on the seaside

The mirrored structure has become a symbol of peace and serenity amid Thai exoticism. The house harmoniously merges into the seascape and seems to continue it in the reflection on the walls. It looks like a kind of portal, which either stands out in contrast against the background, then disappears in it, depending on the time of day, angle, weather.

The lightness and dynamics of the mirrored facade of the house is created due to the fact that it changes all the time and repeats exclusively natural, pleasant tones for a person. Reflection of turquoise sea waters, foam waves, blue, red, burgundy, purple sky, rich greenery embeds architecture into the landscape. It is like a large screen broadcasting what is happening around, allowing you to look at the landscape from another angle.

Innovative mirrored house facade against tradition

The object has become an example of the fact that modern technologies and innovations can adequately compete with traditional solutions in which wood, stone are used, an emphasis is placed on originality and naturalness. But it is worth noting that the mirror construction used in the façade is in line with the trends of traditional housing in the context of environmental friendliness and safety.

The laconic, austere facade is distinguished by its straightforwardness and roughness of forms. But at some point, the boundaries between the walls and the landscape disappear altogether. It seems that the house just appears out of nowhere. Therefore, with his severity, he does not look rude.

The innovative mirrored facade of the house is intended to show an example of the peaceful integration of modern civilization into its surroundings. At the same time, he emphasizes the tendency to follow nature, without violating the harmony created in it.

ImagesSpaceshift Studio/ Pirak Anurakyawachon