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Modern Exterior House Colors

If you do not know what color to paint the house from outside, photos of our gallery will help you to decide the choice. We have a wide variety of options, which differ in originality, harmony and all modern aesthetic qualities. Sometimes when decorating the facades, they do not think about color compatibility at all. Only then, when the work is finished, it often turns out that the house looks somehow unnatural, untidy, there is absolutely no harmony, in other words – the color solution of the facade of the house is chosen incorrectly.

Therefore, when facing houses, especially private ones, several rules should be followed.

The most optimal combination is a combination of two or three colors of one palette. That is, the main gray color is taken, into which, for example, the roof is painted, and the remaining elements of the facade and decor are grayed out to a lighter or darker tone. This universal method is relevant in all situations.

In most cases, it is important to use a universal and classic white color, for example, when painting pediments and other facade elements. White brightly identifies the main elements of the house, and also emphasizes the originality of other colors that paint the roof, walls, etc.

For example, in what color should the house be painted with a gray roof? There are a lot of options. The optimal solution is to choose the same harmonious earthy color that brown can become. The gray roof and brown facade look very attractive. With a gray roof it is also interesting to combine beige, pastel colors.

Given all the above situations, we can conclude that the most common colors in the design of the facades – brown, gray, white, and gentle pastel colors. But the picture of the modern color facade scale is still incomplete.

Very popular today are unusual colors, for example, sage or blue Navy. They look original against the same gray background. Interesting combinations of white and turquoise, and they can combine in different ways: turquoise roof and white facade – and vice versa.

And for those who want to take advantage of modern technologies, numerous services offer a great way to experiment with colors of the facade, roof and other elements.

To find the color of the facade of the house online everyone can with the help of simple navigation.