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Modern 4-Container House ➲ Economical option for a comfortable stay

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The originality of the creators of this house is that they turned the symbol of any logistics company – a container into the main building element of the house. A 4-container house is a creative architectural solution with a small budget and minimal environmental impact.

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This unique house was built in Hong Kong, where climatic conditions allow you to live in it all year round. Four containers, interconnected and glazed, create comfortable living conditions. Despite the severity of forms and urban overtones, the house looks natural among the riot of natural greenery.

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It is panoramic glazing and the use of a glass roof in a closed recreation area that creates a feeling of freedom and spaciousness. The inhabitants of this house will experience a sense of unity with nature, and dense green spaces will contribute to privacy even in a densely populated area.

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Successful lighting at home in the dark gives the house of 4 containers elegance and mystery. A lit patio and a pond that reflects evening lights – what could be better for a romantic family dinner.


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Strict external geometric shapes and unpretentious architecture did not at all affect the comfort and convenience of the interior of the house. Industrial notes are smoothed by the widespread use of wood in the decoration of walls, ceilings and floors.

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Original wooden furniture in natural shades echoes decoration materials on all interior surfaces. Upholstery of furniture in the recreation area, made in a single color scheme with metal walls of containers, creates a single design ensemble.

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Some restraint and asceticism does not affect the overall impression of the house. It provides everything for a small family. Large glazed surfaces in all rooms smooth out the restrained interior design and completely discard isolation and estrangement.

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Comfortable wooden steps lead to the second floor, which offers a beautiful view of the surrounding green landscapes at any time of the day. In all rooms it will be cozy and comfortable both on a sunny day and on a bright moonlit night.

Note! This project of a house of 4 containers is suitable only for areas with a warm climate or for use exclusively in the summer months.

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Strict zoning of the space made it possible to use every corner of all four containers with benefit, providing its residents with the necessary urban comfort in a secluded rural area. At the same time, a house of 4 containers can be easily mounted, and just as easy to dismantle without any damage to the surrounding landscape.

Architects A Work of Substance
Area192.0 m2
Photo Dennis Lo