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Modern A-Frame Roof House Design ➽ Not just a home, but a life philosophy

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True connoisseurs of newness in architecture, who are tired of the established traditions of architecture, will be able to rightly appreciate a Modern A-Frame House. The correct geometric shapes of this house, an unusual A-Frame roof for an ordinary man in the street, the successful location of the building among the forest plantations will bring unforgettable days and years to the happy tenants among this beauty.

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The house will become not only a vacation spot for the whole family, but also a landmark and a highlight of the whole region, which everyone will want to admire without exception. Without a doubt, all the neighbors around will not give the address of the house, but simply say: “Meet me at the A-Frame House!”

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In the traditional sense, the roof is only part of the construction of the house, which protects the building itself from rain, cold and overheating. In our case, the A-Frame roof is the building itself. It simultaneously performs the functions of the roof and walls, provides excellent thermal insulation at home, favorably hides all communications.

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The house itself more closely resembles not the embodiment of advanced architectural thought, but the dwellings of the ancient Indians: wigwams or tipis. These structures were covered with large pieces of wood bark, which were carefully pressed, and only after that they covered the frame with balls. Does it not echo the roofing material of our unusual home? The use of natural roofing material imitates the roof of the wigwam, although in a somewhat stylized, modernized form.

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Undoubtedly, this house with an unusual roof will appeal to the younger generation most of all. How many interesting literary and fairy-tale characters will live in this house with your fidgets! And how many fantastic and unprecedented stories will sound among this enchanting forest beauty!

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Living in such a house in the middle of nature, you will not only strengthen physical health and restore peace of mind for yourself and household, but also give an impetus to the development of the creative potential of your children.

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Modern A-Frame House INTERIOR

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It was always believed that such a geometric shape serves to effectively realize the inner world of a person, as a whole with the planet and the Universe. And although some will consider the house with a A-Frame roof to the ground just a creative and successful architectural solution, but the feeling of unity with unknown heavenly forces does not leave either outside or inside the building.

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Ascetic performing domestic home does not deprive its practicality and convenience. Minimalism and the use of natural materials in decoration and furniture gives the premises a slight charm of girlish innocence.

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Even in the absence of large front windows, all rooms are light and light, like a feather in the wind. Light shades in wall decoration and bedroom decoration also contribute to this perception. The presence of a fireplace creates a feeling of calm, comfort and family warmth.

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Located just a building complex in untouched pristine nature blends harmoniously with modern buildings in the natural landscape. The successful layout of the site, where an unusual house with A-Frame roof is located, emphasizes all the architectural features of the building and allows you to maximize the preservation of the natural landscape and plants. It will not only be convenient to live here. It will be easy to dream, create and create here.

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Architects Hiroshi Nakamura & NAP
Area156.0 m2
Photo Koji Fuji – Nacasa & Partners IncHiroshi Nakamura & NAP