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Extraordinary Modern Barn House Design By The Sea

In the presented project, centuries-old traditions and ultra-modern ideas for housing design collided. The color of the object is given by the ruins left over from ancient stone buildings. They have become an adornment of the modern barn house design on the Scottish coast.

The configuration of the mansion implies the presence of four bedrooms and a social area with panoramic view windows. From here you can touch the majestic landscapes, and feel the insight and history of ancient buildings, which are located almost right next to the building.

Contrasts in the modern barn house design

The design of the house is based on a combination of new solutions and ancient, traditional principles of architecture. The building has two gables. The first is a trendy design with panoramic windows, and the second is made of stone and is part of ancient architecture. Passing through it, we find ourselves in the inner garden, which is in close contact with the living spaces.

Crossing space, we seem to travel in time, transported between different centuries and eras. At the same time, there is close contact with a colorful environment. And to enhance this effect, beams and supports made of natural wood were used in the setting. It seems that traditional architecture has sprouted inside ultra-modern residential volumes.

Climbing up to the second floor, wired with panels, we find ourselves in fashionable light spaces, in which the emphasis is on conciseness and simplicity. The minimalist style prevails here.

The scale of the modern barn house design

Spaciousness, lack of neighbors, and full dominance over the territory made it possible not to hesitate to implement a large-scale project. At the same time, it was decided to abandon the pathos, and decor, which could muffle the effect of the object’s colorfulness. The modern barn house design implies conciseness of forms, the practicality of structures, strength, and reliability.

The quality of the structure is confirmed by the presence of age-old stone walls, natural stone floors, and durable wooden load-bearing elements. Even with a large glass area, the building does not seem fragile or delicate. In appearance, massiveness and reliability are visible. There is a feeling of confidence that even under the most severe weather conditions, a storm, the object will be a reliable shelter for residents.

The surrounding area has remained virtually untouched. The natural landscaping turned out to be the most suitable option for this colorful barn-style cottage.

In the game of contrasts and oppositions of fashionable solutions, traditionalism has made it possible to achieve a unique modern barn house design. This is a spacious family cottage with a colorful touch. But at the same time, it corresponds to the latest trends and trends in the arrangement of private real estate.

ArchitectsDenizen Works
ImagesGilbert McCarragher