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Barnhouse in Modern House Project with Wooden Facade

In creating this wood-fronted barnhouse project, the architects sought to achieve simplicity in appearance, in keeping with traditional rural barn building techniques. The building resembles an agricultural building with elements of modern housing, including panoramic windows, spacious layouts.

To make the building look like a barn as much as possible, high sliding doors resembling gates were installed on the facade. This design is of great functional importance, as it allows you to attach living space to recreation areas on the street or close the house. Social spaces are closely connected with the environment through panoramic openings.

The simple aesthetics of a wood-fronted barnhouse project

The facade of the house is sheathed with cedar boards. This solution looks impressive, beautiful, soundly and neatly. The building provides for sliding structures, like gates, which can be used to close panoramic doors on the facade. Due to this, it was possible to achieve a high level of privacy and security at home.

Stylized as an agricultural building, the building looks harmoniously surrounded by wildlife, does not disturb the natural balance. It seems that the house has already been here before, but now it has been updated and made comfortable for a family to live.

Simple architecture, elementary forms and structures look beautiful and neat. And the decoration of the facade with wood successfully integrates it into the environment.

With interior design in a modern, minimalist style with a touch of Scandinavian direction, living spaces are in line with new trends and trends. But at the same time, the interior design does not contradict the exterior design.

To strengthen the connection between indoor and outdoor, untreated natural surfaces made of stone, wood, and other materials were used in the setting. They have become accent and used in small quantities.

Eco-friendly design of a house with a wooden facade in the style of a barnhouse

The house was built in strict accordance with traditional technologies. The structures were built from reliable natural materials, including wood and stone. Due to this, the project of a barnhouse with a wooden facade is reliable, it is safe, durable, although at the same time as simple as possible.

Furnishings and structures inside are also made of natural products. Clean, safe surfaces emphasize comfort, coziness, and freshness. And although the interior is made in a modern style, there is a connection with centuries-old traditions, when almost all structures, furniture, surfaces in a rural house were made of wood, stone, and other natural materials.

A new house project with a wooden facade in the style of a barnhouse is light, fresh, simple. It is suitable for a family that appreciates the proximity of wildlife, fresh air, peace and comfort. With strictness and conciseness, housing is perceived easily and freely.

ArchitectsThomas Randall-Page
ImagesJim Stephenson