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Modern Brick House Design in Cubic Minimalism

New architectural trends often imply eclectic solutions that combine seemingly opposite things. These are, for example, cases where traditional, classic materials and designs are applied in ultra-modern directions. This technique is demonstrated in the modern cubic style brick house design with an emphasis on high-tech and minimalism.

The object consists of a pair of volumes based on simple geometry. At the same time, here we see solutions, to put it mildly, uncharacteristic for brick houses – facades with corner glazing hanging in the air, floor-to-ceiling panoramic windows occupying the entire wall. The appearance of the building is dominated by rigor and conciseness.

Tradition meets innovation in modern brick house design

The idea behind using brick in an ultra-modern home is to achieve the coziness, and flair of a home with a classic touch while making it trendy and comfortable by new standards. In this regard, the architects presented a mix of traditional and new generation solutions.

Looking at the object, one gets the impression of adapting classical construction technologies to modern realities and the needs of residents. The configuration of the house also cannot be called ordinary. It consists of two volumes connected by a glass transition. Near them is also located a small patio, which is a buffer zone between living spaces and open areas. This area is secluded from outside access.

In the modern brick house design, panoramic windows with wooden frames with natural texture and natural color were used. This enhances the effect of traditional housing. At the same time, the configuration and size of the windows are fully consistent with the new trends. This is floor-to-ceiling glazing with opening doors that allow you to combine living space with the adjacent territory.

Reliability and comfort of modern brick house design

Another reason to use brick for the facade was its high performance. Such walls are distinguished by good indicators of sound and heat insulation, they are durable, and their service life exceeds 100-150 years. A pleasant microclimate is preserved in a brick house. Thanks to the good quality of the building, it is cozy and safe.

Previously, there were old brick buildings on the site of the house. The owners wanted to feel the color and atmosphere that the walls of solid traditional masonry create. Therefore, the built ensemble can be considered reconstruction of an outdated building. Instead of an irrelevant configuration, cramped spaces, and irrational planning, we now get thoughtful volumes to the smallest detail, in which every square meter is usefully used.

The fashionable and modern brick house design is based on the combination and close interaction of classic ideas, materials with new solutions in the context of shapes and configurations. As a result, we get a reliable, time-tested housing that meets the latest trends in architecture.

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