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Modern Concrete Homes – Play of Light in the PIXEL HOUSE Project

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Building reinforced concrete structures can be not only strict and gloomy, but also slender and graceful – this is confirmed by modern private houses made of cast concrete.

modern cement house – unique architectural solutions and the advantage of monolithic concrete structures

The construction of residential buildings from concrete monolithic elements has become popular due to a number of advantages. Building structures made of concrete are much lighter from brick and frame structures. Thanks to seamless technology, such buildings are more durable and reliable.

The monolithic concrete structure is extremely stable, therefore it allows the construction of safe and comfortable buildings even in areas with high seismic hazard. For such structures, even an earthquake of 8 points is not dangerous and destructive.

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The construction of private houses made of cast concrete takes much less time and requires less material costs than buildings made of other materials. A good location of the cottage on a site with natural vegetation softens the gray shades of the facade and creates a complete and comfortable ensemble.

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Solid architectural structures allow you to realize the most daring ideas, provide a wide field for the original layout with hanging floors, balconies and passages. The use of modern technology can give grace and weightlessness to the outwardly strict and cold concrete monolith of concrete.

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A concrete canopy with square cutouts of different sizes creates a unique space with an unusual play of light and shadow throughout the daylight and with the reflection of artificial lighting in the evening hours.

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modern concrete house plans – room for creative ideas of an interior designer

Against the gray background of the internal walls, even the smallest interior elements stand out favorably and carry special semantic loads. Wooden details, glass surfaces and the abundance of greenery in the rooms create a harmonious and natural space.

The equipment of the landing with glass fences gives the structure a transparent insecurity. And the movement up the stairs will turn into a pleasant walk among the green spaces that bathe in the sunshine penetrating through the glass skylights.

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Original furniture and fixtures of unusual shapes add softness and warmth to the strict concrete geometry of the interior. Minor bright accents in the interior decoration enliven the living space and bring spectacular notes into the atmosphere of the house.

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Monolithic concrete private houses have a graceful facade, elegant interior, unlimited layout options, the presence of comfortable balconies, platforms and terraces for outdoor recreation.

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