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Modern Country House Design In Escobar Project, Argentina

The combination of several architectural styles, the use of new building materials and a wide field for revelation of the indefatigable imagination of the architect allow you to create a unique design of a modern country house. At home, which will become not only a comfortable and cozy place for outdoor recreation, but also a tourist attraction for the whole area.

industrialism, creativity and spaciousness in the construction of a modern country cottage

For a young couple of developers, a residential building outside the city, along with functionality and comfort, should also have an original and unusual look. The exterior facade has an industrial color thanks to the concrete walls. This does not affect its presentable appearance, but significantly reduces the cost of construction, which is not unimportant for a young couple with a limited family budget.

Concrete also prevails in the arrangement of the backyard of the house: in the equipment of passages and steps, in the frame for an outdoor pool. A spacious green clearing somewhat softens the concrete abundance and gives a feeling of unity with the surrounding natural landscape.

The design of a modern architectural country house uses a combination of several industrial trends. Concrete structures, panoramic glazing with a metal frame, inherent in the techno-style, combined with clear and strict lines of high-tech style and some elements of minimalism. Against the background of the blue surface of the water, such a construction solution has a complete and natural look.

An extensive open gallery, occupying almost the entire length of the house, harmonizes the surrounding space with the building ensemble. Sliding glass doors provide convenient access to the pool and allow you to fully enjoy the beautiful scenery.

restraint, comfort and convenience – the main requirements for a modern interior

The interior of the country mansion continues the general architectural idea. The prevalence of soft tones in the decoration makes the interior space restrained, aristocratic, discreet and at the same time homely.

The presence of large panoramic windows softly illuminates the austere interior, filling the space with natural light and warmth. Wooden wall decoration and white patches of furniture serve as a balancing element between natural and techno-notes in home improvement.

The kitchen and dining area, made in the same style, fully meet the requirements of a young couple. The predominance of gray concrete and pastel wooden surfaces created a multifunctional room with a phantasmagoric accent, just in the spirit of modernity.

So that the abundance of concrete and gray shades do not turn your long-awaited cottage into a kind of industrial workshop, use concrete in a metered and careful manner. The use of concrete partitions for zoning the living room and their combination with open spaces and panoramic windows will create a unique and creative design of a modern country house.

ArchitectsLuciano Kruk
PhotoDaniela Mac Adden