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Modern Flat House Design with Brick Walls / Vila Rica House

Architectural bureau BLOCO Arquitetos has unveiled a trendy design for a flat house with brick walls in an open area near the capital of Brazil. The building was built from traditional materials on one floor, but at the same time it corresponds to the fresh trends in architecture and the current principles of suburban private construction.

Emphasis on comfortable relaxation and connection with nature / best flat house design

The architects paid special attention to the local recreation areas. There are no clear boundaries between the open terraces and the living space – a smooth transition has been created.


The visually open dwelling with panoramic glazing passes into terraces located under the same roof. Further, from the covered terraces, designed at the living room level, a transition is made to the outdoor recreation areas near the pool.

small flat house design

Due to the close connection of the interior and exterior, the design of the flat house with brick walls provides an ergonomic environment for living and relaxing surrounded by nature. Residents have direct access to the natural environment from virtually every space.

Landscape adaptation / beautiful flat house design

The design of a flat house with brick walls is integrated into the surroundings and harmoniously blended into the relief. Since the cottage was built in an open flat area, it was important to give the building an appropriate shape and concept.

one flat house design

Instead of building a two- or three-story house, which would visually break out of the landscape, the architects thought of it as a one-story building, dividing it into pavilions, rather than building several floors. Moreover, the size of the plot allows the idea to be realized.

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Brick walls and monolithic frame structures visually fit into the terrain in texture and color. It seems that the cottage is an integral element of the site. And the concept of the building is dictated by the local nature.

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In addition, the house was made open and in places almost completely visible. This affected the visual ease of the design. Due to this technique, architecture in this context had a minimal impact on the environment – the house practically did not change the landscape.

Resistant to weather conditions

The architects needed to build a house that could withstand exploitation in a natural environment with strong winds. The building is devoid of sail and has a solid structure based on brick and concrete. It was possible to emphasize the reliability of the cottage due to the use of concrete and stone surfaces in the interior. The lack of decorative finishing on the outside ensures the durability of the structure.

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Thus, the trendy design of the flat house with brick walls also proved to be practical. It has been designed with the landscape, weather and family needs in mind.

ArchitectsBLOCO Arquitetos
PhotoHaruo Mikami