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5 Tricks For Decorating A Modern Gazebo

New architectural trends do not bypass the objects of improvement of the local area. First of all, this applies to places of rest. Close enclosed spaces gradually lose relevance, and they are replaced by spaciousness, openness, and rationality. A modern gazebo for the family should be convenient for a joint rest of all residents of the house, not to be embarrassed during the reception of guests. Immediately with it, all the necessary functional areas should be equipped – a dining table, a place for barbecue, a playground for games.

Such a gazebo was presented by the architectural bureau Cristián Axl Valdés. Consider the 5 main architectural features, due to which it has become a comfortable, multifunctional space for outdoor recreation.

Modern gazebo design 👉 Large internal volume

The area of a spacious, modern gazebo was 75 sq.m. But as conceived by architects, only a large quadrature is not enough for lightness and freedom. The height of the structure was 3.7 m. In this case, the roof was made visually light and has clearance in the center, which eliminates the feeling of isolation, and provides effective access to fresh air under the canopy.

Modern outdoor gazebo 👉 Free space

Inside, they left quite a large amount of free space – where you can install garden furniture or organize a party. A spacious canopy area will also be useful for games with children, and entertainment. In a modern gazebo, feelings of constraint and crampedness should not arise.

Modern metal pergola kits 👉 Strong, stylish, and rational design

The object combines several modern styles – loft, and minimalism. There is almost no decor, and each element has a functional purpose. Stylish, aesthetic metal construction reflects practicality and rationality. As a roof, a light and durable metal profile was used.

Gazebo modern style 👉 Open space under a canopy

The absence of decorative elements, and lightweight, open construction made it possible to provide maximum free access to the space under the canopy. It is closely related to the nature around. Architects did not provide handrails or fences – you can go out and go in from any direction. If you want to arrange a large-scale picnic or event, the area under the canopy can be used together with the space outside.

Modern outdoor pergola 👉 Long table with barbecue area

The barbecue area with a modern gazebo should be equipped right under the canopy, installing a chimney. So it will be possible to prepare meals in comfortable conditions right in the dining area. It is better to set the table not wide, but long. After him, it’s possible not only to gather the whole family but also to receive guests.

A modern gazebo for a large family should be as light, spacious, bright and rationally arranged as possible. It will be comfortable to relax here alone or with a large company, inviting relatives to visit. To a greater extent, it should not resemble an enclosed space, but a simple, but durable and reliable canopy.

ArchitectsCristián Axl Valdés
PhotoLeo Basoalto