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Modern Hillside House Design with Panoramic Views

An elegant, small house is a vacation home in a peaceful environment with access to the beach. The architecture of the building implies a system of spaces that form a multifunctional object under a roof of a non-standard shape. The expressive modern hillside house design effectively stands out due to the contrast.

At the same time, the spaces are practically connected with the landscape. And thanks to the open panoramic windows, the rooms look more like platforms or terraces under a canopy. Housing bears little resemblance to a traditional house, even simply because it has a minimum of external walls. The main idea is the closest possible contact with the picturesque environment.

Nature-inspired modern hillside house design

Residents wanted to get a house that would resemble living on a campsite. But at the same time, it was important for them to have the conveniences and conditions of modern comfortable real estate. The architects combined these two desires, reflecting them in the modern hillside house design, which allows you to practically immerse yourself in the environment, having at your fingertips a spacious kitchen, bathroom, and private, safe bedrooms.

Being inside a social space, a dining area, you find yourself, as if in the palm of your hand, in front of a natural landscape. The living room, furnished for relaxation, overlooks the best views. Right from your sofa, you can enjoy a panorama of such magnitude, which is often boasted by travelers with a tent in the mountains.

You can find yourself among the landscape on the terrace. Adjoining recreation areas are attached to the living space, which further integrates the rooms into the environment.

The value of simplicity in the hillside modern house design

Simple lines and structures can be traced in the architecture and design of the object. But at the same time, the value of everyday life is emphasized here – it is wealth. In such an environment, it is possible to feel the luxury of not the material, but the spiritual world. Communication is an incredibly exciting environment, relaxing with a view of the landscape allows you to rethink values and understand what is truly important.

Surface cladding, furniture, and structures are made of natural materials. This is considered a luxury by today’s standards. But surrounded by wildlife, such an environment looks natural and at ease – as it should be. Wood and stone maximally connect living spaces with the natural environment. In this context, these materials look completely different than in a city apartment.

To highlight the house, but not to create the main focus on it, walls, floors, other surfaces, and structures were lined with dark wood. Light accents with the use of stone dilute the atmosphere and relieve it of gloom.

The impressively beautiful modern hillside house design is a godsend for travelers, dreamers, romantics, and simply connoisseurs of nature and beauty. This housing option is suitable for those who do not want to hide behind walls, cut off from the outside world, but strive to interact with the beauty available on our planet.

ImagesChristopher Frederick Jones