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Modern Crown Molding in House Exterior

Build a house yourself? Bought an inexpensive cottage and want to update the facade? Great idea! Making out the facade of the house with your own hands, you will not only create the home of your dreams, but you will also get a lot of pleasure. Some types of facade decoration are very beautiful, but expensive and difficult to install. For example, facing brick. Siding is an inexpensive material, but its laying requires special knowledge and experience. How do the owners independently make beautiful facades of houses? Photos of cottages show a variety of types of cladding. However, one of the most popular types of decoration today is plaster.

Plastering bark beetle has a lot of advantages. It is inexpensive, environmentally friendly, resistant to rain and damage, not subject to combustion. Finishing the front of the house with plastering bark beetle requires some special skills and preparation:

  • clean the surface;
  • level the walls;
  • apply the gaps with putty;
  • if using a dry mix, prepare it according to the instructions;
  • use the solution in three hours.

The best way to find out how the owners make out the facades of one-story houses is a photo. The bark beetle is sold in several basic colors. However, in the photo we see a lot of bright, unique shades. In such cases, the plaster must be clipped to the desired color.

How to calculate the required amount of material? Usually the manufacturer indicates the approximate consumption of the mixture per square meter on the packaging. To it it is desirable to add a small addition – up to 10%. That’s not a lot. But if you are facing the facade of a two-story cottage – the difference can be great.

Decorating the facade of the house with your own hands is an art. Fortunately, there are ways of finishing, which every owner will cope with. One of them is external plastering, called “fur coat”. To such plaster owners are treated differently. To some it seems rough, and to others – attractive and “fluffy”. Fur coat is usually applied with a roller. First, the plaster is applied to the wall and smoothed, and after drying (after 15-20 minutes) roll out the roller to give the relief.

The best way to choose your favorite house facade is the photo. Photos of a high-quality “coat” are quite attractive. This is one of the most inexpensive types of finishes. The plaster is applied to the cleaned surface. It must be pre-treated with a primer. How to achieve the desired color? You can add the pigment to the dry mix. Or paint a dried “coat” on the wall of the house.

How to decorate the facades of private houses? Photos show a variety of ways. Let us dwell on how to update the old facade. You inherited an old brick house? The easiest way to update the facade is to paint it. Clean and dry the walls. The work is best done in summer – in dry and hot weather. Apply the primer. Then proceed to painting. The best way to evaluate painted facades of houses is a photo. The photo gallery shows bright, beautiful houses with a touch of antiquity.

A new house is better not to paint – its decoration has not lost its beauty. Have you decided to paint a new brick facade? Remember that the paint is very hard to remove. It clogs into all microscopic holes in the porous material. Even the best paint burns out in the sun. The facade needs to be updated every three years. The walls are better to paint after shrinking the house.

Old brick walls can and should be painted. Fresh paint will not only hide the defects, but even out the appearance of the old and new parts of the cottage. Very beautiful facades are obtained by combining decorative finishes. For example, the old brick facade can be decorated with a dark stucco and a light trowel. On the selected bricks, apply a “coat” and select the blocks with a contrasting grout. Such decor is ideally combined with the walls of red brick.