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Modern House Facade Ideas for Interaction Between Housing & Nature

The latest ideas for the facade of a modern house surrounded by beautiful nature imply the integration of living space into the landscape. The object must closely interact with the environment. So the owners can enjoy life outside the city to the fullest.

To do this, architects use the most daring and creative solutions, achieving practically the merger of living space and a picturesque landscape. Here, nature itself dictates the atmosphere in the cottage. You can touch it not only with your eyes but also with your hand, just resting in your living room.

The extravagant idea of an open facade of a modern house

The first and most radical solution is to make the facade as open as possible. The trend involves the construction of not shackled, secluded spaces, but houses with whole glass walls.

Such rooms offer panoramic views of the surrounding area – forests, rivers, meadows, mountains, or even the sea. And nothing obstructs the view, since the glazing in these cottages is made from the floor to ceiling.

Visually, the living space seems to be attached to the landscape. Instead of gloomy walls, you are surrounded by fresh air, light, and majestic views.

Corner panoramas in the idea of the facade of a modern house

New construction technologies allow making corner panoramic glazing or unglazed openings on balconies and terraces. So the feeling of being immersed in the natural environment is amplified at times.

Due to this idea of the facade of a modern house, a continuous view opens up from the room in two directions at once. The viewing angle becomes much more than 180 °, and sunlight penetrates the room throughout the day.

Facade functionality as an idea for a modern home

Open forms are impressive in the architecture of new generation country houses. And the decision to add functionality to them is a method of improving such an idea.

Due to the retractable panoramic structures, the house is connected to the natural environment not only visually, but also functionally. The room practically turns into an open area surrounded by nature.

Residents have direct access to the adjoining terrace simply from the living quarters. This idea of the facade of a modern house allowed reaching a completely new level of integration of housing into the landscape. As you can see, you can touch the wild living nature with your hand right from your living room. At the same time, housing is distinguished by a high level of security and privacy – there is no need to sacrifice home comfort.