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3+ Practical Ideas How Modern House Windows Should Be

Recently, windows of a modern house have ceased to be just structures for insolation of space and views. Now other functions have been transferred to them, such as the integration of the living space with the surroundings, the expansion of functionality, the openness of housing, the increase in dynamics, and the provision of interconnection with the site.

The presented project clearly demonstrates what windows should be so that they perform all these tasks at once. At the same time, glazing looks harmoniously with the design of the building, looks expressive and completely in an aesthetic context.

Functional Panoramic Windows Modern Home

In modern architecture, there is already nowhere without panoramic glazing to the floor. Such designs are especially relevant for social areas – they are trying to make them as open as possible, to provide communication with the site, local recreation areas.

This effect can be achieved at the highest level by installing opening panoramic windows. By removing the glass, you practically combine the adjoining territory and the interior space. One feels freedom, comfort, a lot of fresh air and light.

At the same time, the second floor was made less open, since there are private rooms and bedrooms. In these rooms, although enlarged, but traditional windows with window sills were installed. Thus, it was possible to achieve the maximum rationality of the glazing.

Accent Windows Modern Home

At the same time, windows are an important aesthetic element of architecture, they are reflected in the appearance of the building, its attractiveness, and showiness. In the presented project, the building is finished with wooden siding. And the window slopes are made under it, but in a contrasting light color.

The framed windows of a modern home become accent elements that highlight the architectural features. Panoramas are immediately striking, and a dark, austere building seems visually lighter and more spacious. Moreover, the design is made in graphite color, there is no feeling of heaviness and dullness. Thanks to the light frames, the cottage looks attractive and cozy.

In addition, the interior of the house is also made in light colors. Therefore, the frames in their natural light color have become a connecting link. They provided a smooth transition from a Scandinavian-style interior to a strict, contrasting exterior.

Windows of a modern home to connect with nature

But the main task of large panoramic windows is the connection between space and landscape. Therefore, it is important that they have an impressive view that will literally penetrate into the home.

In the presented project, the windows of a modern house closely link the interior with the surroundings. From here, panoramas open to forests, valleys, meadows. There is practically no barrier between living space and natural space, so a lively, fresh atmosphere literally fills the premises. This has become the most valuable for those who want to leave the city.