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Modernism In Outdoor Home Decor

The architecture of modernism is typical of many modern houses. This style today meets us almost at every step – from panel houses to modern art museums in space style. Modernism is the basic direction that gave birth to such new trends as hi-tech, futurism, cubism, surrealism, and many other art trends that left an imprint on architecture.

This direction is especially important today among cottages outside the city. For this style, it is important to have space and no clutter. As the interior and exterior of a modern house do not have decorative excesses, it gives a calmness and a sense of rigor.

This is a great format for lovers of minimalism, unusual architectural solutions, and conciseness. The modernist style in the facade decoration has the following qualities:

  • Practicality – the style is devoid of elegant decorative elements and is based on straight lines, and complex geometry. The house can consist of several sectors, united by walkways.
  • The connection with natural and plant motifs prevails – the building can be executed in expanded form, have a round roof, and combine the artificial component and plantations.
  • Residential buildings in the Art Nouveau style are made of heavy material (concrete, foam block, steel) in combination with natural materials (natural stone, wood). This creates a balance of modern development and nature.
  • The presence of panoramic windows visually makes an open layout. Significantly the space around the house emphasizes individuality.
  • The roof can be made as protruding forward, and generally, there is no.

Exhibition pavilions, residential complexes, museums, sanatoria, villas, scientific centers, factories, and hundreds of other types of buildings are now modernized. Architects embody the boldest and most revolutionary ideas into reality.

The first of these was the Eiffel Tower in Paris, which was designed as a monument to the achievements of modern times during the industrial revolution. The height of this “beauty” is 300 m.

The building of the Parliament of the Beehive in Washington looks like a beehive, which rises high. Almost all residential complexes in the business center of London have a futuristic design. New York, Frankfurt, Brussels, and other business centers of the world are actively developing the city’s infrastructure in the Art Nouveau style.

The main idea of this direction is to delineate the habitual reality with ideas about the future. It looks creative when architects install a building with outlandish lines, panels, and completely glass walls next to the Gothic cathedral, a school in Victorian style. The maximum simplification, or in other words, the “denudation” of wall forms, the addition of complex geometric lines, is the idea of neo-modernism.

Modernism in architecture, the presentation of which is available on our website, will help you determine the direction of the architecture of your house. We offer original and exclusive design solutions.