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What can be The Modern Interior Design of a Private House / Byron House /

The modern interior design of a private family house with a Brighton Bay atmosphere is lightness, openness and practicality of space.

Ideally, the modern design of the interior of a private house is a reflection of the emotional state of the residents, the exceptional compliance with the needs and interests of each family member. Such a cottage was presented by the architectural bureau Paul Uhlmann Architects. The facility is located in Byron Bay (Australia). Its interior clearly shows the love of untouched Australian nature and recreates the atmosphere of that very resort town on the picturesque ocean. The same feeling of freedom and lightness arises in the house as in the vastness of Byron Bay beach. Moreover, the interior of the cottage is practical and convenient for family people.

Let’s see how architects of modern interior design of a private house from Paul Uhlmann Architects managed to achieve this.

interior design of a private house in a modern style – lightness and openness of space in harmony with privacy

The house focuses on the openness of space – there are no extra interior partitions, and from the viewpoints, the whole walls are made in the form of panoramic glazing to the floor. Sitting in a chair in the living-dining room, or relaxing on a sun lounger near the pool, you can admire Australia’s endless natural landscapes. The residence embodies lightness and openness.

But since the house is designed for families, special attention is paid to private spaces. The bedrooms are not just separated by a wall, but are localized from the open public space and designed so that it is always calm and quiet.

This was achieved due to the fact that the modern interior design of a private house was thought out in a cascade – repeating the relief of the site – this is a small slope. On the upper tiers are private rooms that smoothly pass into social spaces. The latter are combined into a single room, but all functional areas are at slightly different levels. Such zoning helped visually divide the living space, to achieve the effect of borders without walls.

The interior design of a private house in a modern style, as well as the exterior, are made of local natural materials – wood, stone. The interior space is a continuation of the surrounding wildlife – something that the family living here appreciates.

Inside the house managed to recreate the atmosphere of Byron Bay. The inner space is made in natural contrasting colors – typical of local forests, and the outer recreation area near the pool – in bright colors, symbolizing the beach. In this house for seven recreated a neutral, calm atmosphere of Australian nature – silence, safety and comfort.

Specialists of the Paul Uhlmann Architects bureau created a modern interior design of a private house for the family, not just emphasizing their proximity to nature, but having achieved a background here similar to a resort area outside the walls of the housing. Proper separation and zoning of the space provides convenience for living with children, receiving guests.

ArchitectsPaul Uhlmann Architects
PhotoAndy Macpherson Studio