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Modern Japanese Style House / European Relevance

A modern japanese style house is a fairly practical and convenient solution not only for Eastern culture. The object of the architectural bureau Shinta Hamada Architects is a compact, but open and spacious country cottage with solutions that are relevant even for a European.

Let’s consider the main features of such housing, and why it can be considered universal in the context of convenience.

Practicality and environmental friendliness of a modern Japanese-style home

The first native Japanese element to catch the eye here was the massive roof of the building. Now Europeans have chosen this technique in architecture.

The fact is that this form of the roof allows you to make large sheds around the perimeter of the building, improve the microclimate. This provides a connection between the interior space and the landscape. In addition, awnings provide protection from the scorching sun, form a canopy, under which you can equip a covered terrace for outdoor recreation.

Natural, safe materials prevail in a modern japanese style house – this is also a feature of the traditional architecture of the land of the rising sun. And if earlier a European would have been more inclined to brick and concrete, now in the context of suburban housing, wood, glass, open and light structures are preferred.

This is typical, even if the basis is a monolithic construction technology. All surfaces are finished with natural wood.

The simplicity of a modern japanese style house

Laconic form and space with some understatement have become trendy ideas that Europeans have been chasing lately. In this regard, simple and visually unfinished architecture, the design of Japanese houses are increasingly becoming common among the representatives of Europe.

In this house, the tendency of elementaryness is clearly visible. The square building emphasizes rationality and there is nothing superfluous. Four living rooms are located around a common social space. All bedrooms are quite private, but at the same time have direct contact with the living room.

At the same time, a modern Japanese-style home should be tasteful. This means that, while being laconic and simple, the building has a pleasant atmosphere, comfort – you want to live here. This can only be achieved by maintaining a certain style. But it is important that a sense of calmness, reliability and silence prevail here.

ArchitectsShinta Hamada Architects
ImagesKen’ichi Suzuki