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Modern Metal Exterior Wall Design

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A creative approach to the design of the exterior in a fashionable, futuristic, minimalist direction often involves the use of metal panels in the building envelope. The modern design of the external metal wall looks stylish and original, combined with a lot of glass and wood.

Modern Metal Exterior Wall Design

It is a practical solution that reflects the dynamics and reliability of trend ideas in architecture. The variety of options for metallic exterior wall finishes opens up unlimited possibilities for owners in the context of creativity.

Perforated modern exterior wall design

The advantages of metal panels are that they may not be solid and solid, but have holes, through patterns. This version of the enclosing structure allows you to make the facade especially functional.

The perforated wall partially transmits light, but at the same time provides a sufficient level of privacy for the space. Behind it, you can arrange a room with panoramic glazing or a terrace.

The space gets a special, cozy atmosphere. Dynamic metal sliding structures can be fully opened for unobstructed panoramic views.

Austere modern metal exterior wall design

Metal is considered a rough finish and adds austerity to the building. Depending on the type of metal structure and color, the building can be added to an industrial shade or to give home comfort, reliability and strength.

The modern fashionable design of the outer wall of a cellular configuration with horizontal and vertical stiffeners visually turns a country cottage into a bunker. In such a house, the owner feels secure. But thanks to the openness of structures, terraces, panoramic windows, residents closely interact with nature right from the living quarters. This is a kind of shelter from a noisy city, civilization, surrounded by picturesque landscapes.

The strict design of metal structures allows you to deviate from the general concept of suburban housing construction, and achieve originality, extraordinary housing. Often, this home decoration is used side by side with traditional walls of stone, brick and wood.

This shows the contrast between traditional and innovative architecture. The cottage shows a dynamic transition from age-old building methods to the newest, most practical and creative ones.

Stylish modern design of the exterior wall of the house can combine the most unusual solutions with the use of metal structures. With the originality of the design, such a facade is not inferior in terms of durability and practicality to traditional finishing. And if you do not want to deviate from the usual cladding options, you can use siding – this is already a classic of suburban housing construction.