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Modern Office Interior Design [19+ images] Chinese industrialism on 850 m² of space

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Who, no matter how the Chinese manage to create comfortable conditions for employees, whose performance exceeds the performance worldwide. Many people think that the workplace should be with a beautiful repair, bright finish. Office design in a modern style is a completely different space.

Office style “day-night”

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Modern home office design
Modern office layout

The architects of this project decided to go against the rules of decoration and completely change the perception of the working area. This is a habitat in which you can concentrate as much as possible on important issues, matters, and find a secluded corner for privacy.

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Area850 m2
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The large area is devoid of traditional partitions, decor, which expanded the premises. The design used new compositions of materials – dark and light in cold shades.

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The cement floor, black and dark brown walls, steel plates give the office strength, restraint, which looks very unusual. Workers do not distract attention to a too catchy finish, but enjoy the original texture of steel and iron. This is the essence of strength and beauty in the original consciousness. And for the office staff – a great motivation for growth and self-realization. Simple lines, geometric shapes perfectly emphasize an extraordinary idea.

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Office zoning

The presented office design in a modern style, the photo of which makes it possible to evaluate its originality, is divided into functional zones. In addition to the workplace itself, there are other areas in the room.

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Compact loft accommodates abstract figures, interesting shapes, concave walls. The square is open for conversations with colleagues, reflection on working moments, the birth of new ideas. The space is open and free, there are no different furniture, chairs, it is enough just to stand near the panoramic window and plunge into meditation.

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For employees there is a separate room for leisure, where you can improve the concentration of attention in table tennis. This layout ideally combines the work and rest of the staff. For a person, this space is necessary in order to unload thoughts and fill them with new ideas.

Lighting for comfortable work

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To create a comfortable atmosphere, the employee needs a sufficient amount of lighting. The original structure of the building has retained large windows that harmonize with the work desk. Sunlight gives the right amount of lighting, without the need to install volumetric chandeliers, fluorescent lamps.

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Lighting strips are installed in each room, forming separate model planes on an empty ceiling. Here you can see the urban style of design that fits perfectly with the idea of office. The light of a simple lamp falls directly onto the desktop, and the lack of decoration of the devices corresponds to the whole theme of space.

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Office art style

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Despite the roughness and cold tone of the color scheme of the decoration, in the design there is a connection between softness and artistic culture. The human statue, balls of wire, interwoven wires reveal an individual character and approach to the design of space. Ideas are generated here, which allows employees to discover new facets of business decisions.

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For some, the design of the office in the modern style of this project will seem just crazy. In fact, if you look at the details and evaluate the arrangement of workplaces and recreation areas, we can conclude that the Chinese have created an ideal place for an advanced worker.