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Modern Single Storey House Design with Wooden Facade

Hidden among the green Brazilian nature is a luxurious modern house with spacious outdoor seating areas. It consists of sections with a concrete frame and an eco-friendly wooden facade. The designs are as simple and practical as possible. At the same time, the design of a modern one-story house with a wooden facade is distinguished by a comfortable microclimate and the possibility of attaching spaces to the site.

Part of the facade has panoramic glazing through which a visual connection is made with the backyard with a swimming pool. All this is surrounded by lush exotic vegetation. Palm trees, shrubs in the patio have become an element of the introduction of architecture into the landscape. They are also planted near sections of the building, pool.

Practicality of a Modern One-Storey House With Wooden Facade

Due to the location of all living spaces and functional areas on the same level, it was possible to connect them with the highest quality to the adjacent territory, the courtyard. Almost every room has its own exit to the street.

The pool areas, the terrace in front of the house are predisposed to a relaxing time, yoga, meditation. A cozy atmosphere is created in the background. Instead of a traditional fence, the site is fenced with living bushes and trees, which creates a special, romantic atmosphere here.

A small patio acts as a buffer zone between private and social spaces. Wall cladding in the design of a modern one-story house with a wooden facade helps to successfully introduce it into this exotic environment. Architecture becomes an addition to the landscape and its central element. At the same time, there is a respectful attitude to the previously existing natural environment here.

Emphasis On The Views In The Design Of A One-Storey House With A Wooden Facade

Each panoramic window in the house offers a view of the exotic landscape. In one case, the pool with a terrace against the backdrop of greenery becomes the central element, in the other, trees and bushes are given priority. As a rule, we get more private views from confidential spaces, including bedrooms, bathrooms. A central view of the courtyard comes from the living room and kitchendining room.

Opening living volumes make it possible to attach living space to the view outside the windows, forming a single environment with the landscape. Even more freedom and opportunities for residents.

The neat design of a modern one-story house with a wooden facade is a transitional link between civilization, architecture and wildlife. At the same time, the building corresponds to the latest trends. Differs in laconicism, severity of forms and lines. Priority is given to practicality, convenience and comfort. Each design and element of the object has a particular functional purpose.

ArchitectsVOO® Arquitetura e Engenharia
ImagesAlcindo Dedavid