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Modern Style House with Panoramic Windows

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In a harsh climate, a modern-style house with panoramic windows is not just a dwelling that will protect from bad weather and piercing winds. This house is built for dreamers and romantics. This is a fairy tale house, an adventure house, a fantasy house.

modern house plans with large windows

modern technologies for panoramic glazing

The prevailing view that panoramic windows are only suitable for a warm climate, refutes the architectural complex in northern Washington. Mefou Glacier Valley, where this original suburban housing was built for families with children, is distinguished by hot summers and heavy snowfalls in winter.

Panoramic windows have become a feature that allows you to observe the changing seasons and unusual landscapes. Despite the apparent insecurity, the use of modern glazing technologies creates a warm and comfortable space. During snowfalls and on a hot day, continuous glazing will protect the residents of the house from any natural surprises.

Structurally, the suburban complex consists of four separate buildings that are connected only visually through large panoramic windows. To get from one room to another, you must go outside and breathe in the fresh mountain air. For some inhabitants, this architectural step would be considered as an inconvenience when living in such a house. But for energetic and restless adventure lovers, this is another reason to feel alone with nature.

All buildings of the construction ensemble are grouped according to the type of small camping and are united by a single architectural concept. Panoramic windows are another common factor that allows all rooms to look like a logically finished complex. The pool located in the center of the plot and reminiscent of its shape and the shiny surface of the window of the house echoes with transparent panoramic glazing.

modern style home interior with panoramic windows

The natural landscape and the exterior of the house dictated the interior decoration of the rooms. The spaciousness and openness of the rooms is given by sliding panoramic windows, and the ease of naturalness is the abundance of wood and natural materials in the decoration.

In whatever corner of this unusual cottage there are residents or guests, they can enjoy views of the mountain range. Sliding glazed surfaces allow you to get a single open area from the enclosed space at any time.

A polished stone fireplace in the center of the common area fits well into this glass abundance. A warm hearth complements the soft palette of wooden finishes, and during the winter months it will warm and give soulful family evenings near the fireplace. The non-standard placement of the fireplace in the middle of the room, surrounded by panoramic windows, gives the building lightness and spatial purity.

On a note. The presence of large glazed surfaces in the building, along with a feeling of spaciousness, an abundance of natural light, in some cases creates inconvenience due to the impossibility of privacy. In the bedrooms and lounges of the house in a modern style with panoramic windows, blinds or blackout curtains should be provided so that you can dream alone if necessary.

Architects Olson Kundig 
Photo Benjamin Benschneider