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House Design With Modern Wood Facade

Modern houses with a wooden facade no longer look like huts or agricultural buildings. These are high-tech buildings in high-tech, minimalism, eco, and other styles. The modern design of the house with a wooden facade is an ultra-fashionable cottage in the middle of the forest with access to the lake.

Instead of modest wooden housing, here we see a spectacular villa, adapted for living at any time of the year. Spaciousness, lightness, and environmental friendliness are becoming key qualities of residential spaces. If earlier a wooden house in the middle of the forest, as a rule, had something in common with a hut, now it is a dynamic, stylish, and comfortable system of spaces that forms an environment for family living.

What Makes Modern House Design With Wood Facade Stand Out

The first characteristic feature of the new generation of wooden houses was a large area of glazing. This project is no exception. Panoramic windows are provided on all sides of the building, providing a close relationship with the landscape. The rooms offer unobstructed views of the surrounding beauty. And the living space is in contact with the terraces.

The next, second feature of the design of the house with a wooden facade in a modern style was the spaciousness and functionality of the zones. There are no cramped, dark rooms. All spaces are as open as possible, filled with light and air. The corresponding concept is also observed on the terraces. Outdoor seating areas are provided. They are equipped with garden furniture. The layout of housing provides for a minimum of partitions, and the maximum visual zoning. Due to this, housing looks easy and spacious.

The third point was the practicality of the house. Although the building is made of wood, there are no carvings or unnecessary massive decorative elements. All structures and surfaces are made and designed to blend naturally into the natural environment. At the same time, they are comfortable and practical, requiring minimal maintenance. In such a house, residents will be able to enjoy relaxation and tranquility, paying as little attention as possible to caring for the object itself. The priority is simplicity and conciseness.

Integration of a House with a Wooden Facade into the Surroundings

This is another feature of modern architecture of this kind. The task is to introduce the object into the environment with minimal impact on it. To achieve the desired effect, the building used materials typical for this area, and the colors of the facade and structures were chosen so that they look harmoniously with the background in the form of a living forest.

Another tool for introducing a cottage into the environment was the arrangement of a lawn on an exploited roof. This element emphasized the inclusion of the building in the general concept of nature around it.

The presented modern house design with a wooden facade is fully in line with the best trends and tendencies of eco-friendly suburban construction. With its spaciousness and lightness, the building is successfully introduced into the environment, it is distinguished by a comfortable, cozy atmosphere.

ArchitectsMurdough Design Architects
ImagesChuck Choi Architectural Photography