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Most Trending & Cool Ceiling Ideas 2021

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The trend in the design of the ceiling has become the replacement of traditional lighting with lamps, chandeliers with innovative, high-tech systems. Today we’ll take a look at these cool ceiling ideas and how they add functionality and impact to a space while bypassing traditional lighting.

cool ceiling ideas

The main message here is the integration of new technologies. They are mainly used in minimalism, hi-tech and loft. But it is possible to use it in other styles of interior design.

Cool Ceiling Ideas with Magnetic Tracks

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Magnetic track systems are ceiling-mounted, surface-mounted or suspended structures with magnets for fixing luminaires and conductive plates. They are open, but due to their low voltage, they are completely safe for humans. Special magnetic spots or pendant-type luminaires are attached to the busbar.

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The functionality of the system is amazing, as the lighting fixtures can be moved along the track, removed, and new ones added. This is a really cool idea for ceiling decoration as it allows you to change the configuration of the lighting system in a few seconds.

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By themselves, the magnetic tracks look laconic and stylish – just black lines. They can be used for zoning space, highlighting functional areas. Structures can go from ceiling to wall, cross an entire room, or be installed only in certain areas.

Cool ceiling ideas with light lines

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The light lines are luminous strips mounted flush with the ceiling and practically merging with it. When turned off, they remain invisible. But when you turn them on, you get the impression that this is not a separate lamp, just a luminous ceiling.

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Luminaires can be made in different shapes, including a closed circuit. The design uses LED strips that provide enough light so that there is no need to use a chandelier or other lighting devices in the room.

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Light lines visually delimit the space. They can be used as the main light source or for additional illumination in specific functional areas.

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The main feature of the cool 2021 ceiling ideas is the use of previously unheard of technology. This is a new level of lighting with an original design and stylish appearance. The functionality of the light lines and magnetic tracks amazes even sophisticated connoisseurs of the technology of living space.

3+ Most Creative Ceiling Ideas

When arranging an original, extraordinary interior, the ceiling becomes one of the main objects for the implementation of the designer’s creative ideas. Unusual creative ceiling ideas are non-standard shapes, multi-level, curved structures. All this creates a unique atmosphere in the room. And the ceiling here becomes the central and perhaps the main element of the furnishings. He dictates style and trends here.

living room ceiling ideas

Several examples of creative ceilings with photos and descriptions will help you choose or come up with a suitable solution for a house, taking into account its configuration, size, purpose and wishes of the owner.

Creative High Ceiling Idea With Wood Beam & Chimney

ceiling design ideas for living room

The high gable ceiling, clad in wood, creates a slightly fabulous, unusual atmosphere. At the same time, it descends to the very floor, forming inclined walls with windows overlooking the sky and the surroundings.

home ceiling ideas

The zoning function is performed by a wooden beam in the middle of the room and a chimney from the fireplace on the first floor of the house. In one part of the room there is a social space with a sofa, and in the other there is a relaxation area, which is also a bedroom.

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The light construction forms a triangular space. But due to the openness, it turned out to be quite spacious. The ceiling does not press and does not constrict the room due to the light wood shade, a large amount of light coming through the windows.

Creative Idea Contrast Metal Arch Ceiling

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An industrial setting surrounded by nature is a rather bold and creative decision. The ceiling of metal strips creates the atmosphere of an industrial hangar, a technological space. And this is emphasized by its special arched shape.

house ceiling ideas

Such a creative idea of the ceiling is also due to the technical features of the house. This is a pre-fabricated building that can always be assembled, transported and installed elsewhere.

interior ceiling ideas

Designers could hide the metal structure under the wood paneling. But it was decided to focus on industrialization, so we get such an unusual reception in the design of housing.

Creative Idea Ceiling Stepped Configuration With Window Top

raised ceiling ideas

The ceiling is so unusual that it seems as if it is just the walls of the house going up and gradually narrowing. The tall structure ends with a window through which the space receives additional daylight.

coffered ceiling paint ideas

The creative idea of a stepped multi-tiered ceiling transforms the house into an object with a unique atmosphere. It seems that the main vector of space expansion here is directed upwards, and not to the sides. We get a large volume filled with fresh air.