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Old Brick Wall Interior with an Industrial Shade

The apartment project from the LCAC Arquitetura architectural bureau is thought out with the needs of young residents in mind. The new owners wanted to create stylish, trendy housing in the old house, optimizing renovation costs, but at the same time creating a creative environment here. For this reason, the old brick in the interior was taken as the basis for arranging the space.

The project provided for the cleaning of part of the walls from plaster without further finishing these surfaces. This is how a classic city apartment became a stylish industrial loft. But it was still necessary to beat this technique to create the appropriate atmosphere.

Engineering and communication as part of the setting

It was possible to emphasize the industrial style created by the old brick masonry in the interior due to the engineering communications left in plain sight. Instead of hiding them, designers, on the contrary, focused their attention on ventilation ducts, wiring, and pipes.

After removing the wires from the walls, grooves were left there. A metal frame with lamps was hung on the ceiling. The technical part of the apartment here has also become an element of its design. It also emphasizes simple furniture, metalwork, wood, and plastic.

Comfort and coziness of an industrial setting

At the same time, the housing looks cozy and complete thanks to the high-quality finishing of all other surfaces, a well-thought-out lighting system, and a complete set of furniture and appliances.

White walls and ceilings, solid wood tables, countertops, parquet floors, and decor soften the industrial style, adding home comfort and warmth to the apartment. Thus, light finishes and thoughtful lighting contribute to a lightening atmosphere.

Freedom and openness of planning

Old brick in the interior requires open spaces. The living room and kitchen are combined into one space, divided into areas for relaxation, cooking, eating, and working. From the side of the adjoining garden, panoramic glazing with access to the courtyard is installed. Due to this, the brickwork does not constrain the space. The apartment does not look gloomy or cramped.

Using old brick in the interior of a modern apartment is a way to add individuality, originality to housing, to make it fashionable, while optimizing repair costs. Despite the fact that the renovation work seems to be extensive, and the apartment is changing beyond recognition, you minimize the cost of finishing. But the reception is quite extravagant, so it is suitable only for those who are ready for creative solutions.

ArchitectsLCAC Arquitetura
PhotoRomulo Fialdini