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3 Possibilities of Organizing Space in a Metal-Frame House

Metal-frame construction technology has found wide application in the construction of modern country houses. It is used for the construction of both inexpensive summer cottages and luxury mansions. The versatility of the technology was affected by the optimal costs of labor, funds during construction and the almost limitless possibilities of organizing space in a metal-cast house.

Architectural bureau Nitsche arquitetos has presented a spacious 450 sqm villa in the Brazilian municipality of Guaruja. The house was built using metal-frame technology, and the architects made the most of it. Let’s consider their basic techniques.

Free planning

The organization of space in a metal-frame house implies the creation of the most open rooms without partitions, walls. This is a choice for those who love large areas, and to differentiate they use zoning with furniture, podiums, finishes.

Openness of premises

There are practically no load-bearing enclosing structures – the building rests on beams and metal supports. Therefore, it becomes possible to make continuous panoramic glazing around the perimeter. The architects took maximum advantage of this by creating a virtually barrier-free environment between the premises and the adjacent recreation area.

The organization of space in a metal-frame house is a close connection between indoor and outdoor. The glass wall in front of the terrace is removed and the line between the living space and the courtyard disappears.

Dynamism of areas

Metal-frame technology in combination with a monolith makes it possible to create dynamic spaces, make them both completely private and completely open, independently of each other. Consider the example of bedrooms. These rooms here are secluded spaces with solid glazing – the entire front wall is a glass panorama. The window can be closed with shutters at any time. The panoramic structure is sliding, and by opening it, residents have access to the balcony.

All these rooms are located above an open living room with a kitchen, where there are no partitions at all. It turns out that you can organize the areas of each floor, regardless of what is below or above. At the very bottom there is a sauna, spa, garages, utility rooms, storage rooms.

The organization of space in a metal-frame house is endless possibilities to make the living space free, open and integrated with the environment. Regardless of this, it will always be possible to equip private rooms.

ArchitectsNitsche arquitetos
PhotoAndré Scarpa