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Original Brick Home Exterior Ideas

A priori, we are accustomed to seeing brick in traditional, classical construction. This is one of the most common and commonplace materials. It is quite difficult to present it in architecture in an original and unusual way. But the creators of the presented project succeeded. In the cottage, you can draw on the ideas of a modern house with a brick exterior, with the help of which outstanding, simple building material is transformed into a tool for creativity and creative design.

Everything in this project of a country house is unique: shape, design, configuration. Let’s consider these features in more detail.

Unusual Masonry House With Brick Exterior

The first thing that catches your eye at the sight of this house is the unusual, expressive masonry. It looks like a grid is laid out of bricks. Protruding above the surface of the wall, the bricks form an expressive, accent exterior.

The house is no longer boring. Architecture received an element of individualization. It’s stylish, creative, and interesting. Although the solution cannot be called economical, since this type of masonry is not the most rational, it is worth it in the context of design and showiness.

This idea for a modern house with a brick exterior helped to emphasize the house and set it apart from the mass of brick buildings. In addition, this type of masonry increases the sound insulation of the premises from noise from outside.

The severity of the brick exterior

The next technique, due to which the house looks fashionable and spectacular, was straightforwardness. The object is characterized by cubic structures, smooth lines and shapes, and a lack of decor. Minimalism and simple geometry are complemented by accent dark elements – the front door, and awnings. This adds dynamics and coolness to the design.

On the example of this house, we see that even brick housing can be in trend, not yielding to fashionable concrete or stylish, eco-friendly wooden structures. The considered traditional material is versatile and suitable even for cutting-edge real estate.

Brick exterior to integrate with the landscape

The brick exterior blends harmoniously into the landscape, while its walls act as a dramatic, robust backdrop to the small patio. Here, brickwork is adjacent to the lawn, next to which there is a terrace and a light part of the building with panoramic windows.

In this case, the brick becomes a design element, it was emphasized and even attached to the design of the landscape. It symbolizes strength, reliability, and safety.

These bold and creative brick exterior house ideas show how effective, versatile, and fashionable solutions can be with the most common, traditional building materials. Classic red brick remains in trend.

ArchitectsPablo Dellatorre Studio Brava
ImagesGonzalo Viramonte