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7+ Original House Courtyard Wall Design Ideas

To localize private space in the yard, an alternative to traditional fences is increasingly used. Sometimes it is landscaping, plantings using coniferous and deciduous trees, shrubs. But in modern architecture, walls are erected to increase practicality and laconicism, hiding the space from external access. Consider trendy yard wall design ideas for a beautiful, atmospheric setting.

Architects prefer laconic forms with an emphasis on rationality and practicality of designs. These are the options below.

Miniistic Courtyard Wall Design Ideas

The wall acts as a building envelope and at the same time is a continuation of the load-bearing part of the house. Together with the cottage, it forms a single object. This affects the architecture of the house – it looks more solid and massive. Due to the white color, the structure looks easy, does not clutter up the territory, provides a lot of light in the recreation area, being the background.

The next option is similar to the previous one, but in this case the wall forms a full-fledged separate recreation area with a swimming pool. Just like in the first object, it became an extension of the house, visually attaching the terrace to the cottage. It looks easy and beautiful. This creates a high level of privacy at the pool. You are completely closed from outside views.

Stone Courtyard Wall Design Ideas

In the presented project, the emphasis is on environmental friendliness, so the stone has become the most appropriate solution in the idea of designing a courtyard wall. The structure extends from the house and is made of the same material as the building itself. At the same time, it provides seclusion and privacy of the terrace with a green lawn. Partially serves as a support wall.

An original and cool idea of a stone wall from which an artificial waterfall springs. The structure has become almost the main decorative element of the site, its adornment. Due to the stone, it looks solid and attractive. At the same time, it fully corresponds to fashion trends, since the manufacturability of the solution is emphasized. The greenery on a small ledge adds a special charm. This made it possible to integrate the wall into a green natural environment.

The idea for the design of the courtyard wall provides for a general structure for the house and the decoration of the adjoining area. It creates a rounded open-air space, providing ergonomics and seclusion of the local area. A living corner with a lawn and plants has been created opposite the structure, and all this is divided by a pool. This configuration provides a spectacular courtyard. The lightness and visual spaciousness of the compact space is achieved due to the large amount of glass.