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Original House Wall Exterior

You can make a house beautiful by different methods, but the key to the beauty of a building is always its exterior. What material was used for decoration? Does the color of the walls go well with the color of the window frames? Can the overall style of the building be recognized? All these are questions that you should ask before starting to design the exterior of the wall of the house. Today, there are dozens of interesting ideas for exterior design, you can choose one of them, or you can combine them together.

Even an ordinary house can be made very non-standard due to a properly designed wall. The cladding is stylized in wood, although plastering the walls of the exterior of the house can give an equally stunning effect. The color of espresso goes into the color of coffee with milk, this gradient on each particle of the material makes the building extraordinary, gives it a touch of modernity. The non-standard relief of the building can be recognized thanks to the shadows that cast wood tiles at a slight slope. Despite some randomness in the arrangement of the material, perfectly straight lines are visible here, which show that each particle has taken the right place.

The custom idea of house walls decorating

A beautifully designed wall will look prettier if there are windows on this side of the house. They enliven each side of the exterior of the structure. The specifics of the location of the windows in this case is that they are not located in the middle of the structure, but at the very edges. Moreover, on the opposite side of the house is also a glass surface. That is, you can literally look through the structure. Such an architectural design gives the impression that the building is folded, like a game of tetris, where several squares remained unfilled. And looking at the structure from the side, we see that the windows are also angular.

The next feature of the house is that the separation between the first and second floors is not visible from the outside. Continuous decoration of the walls of the exterior of the house allows you to create something truly unique and original. Moreover, at first glance it is difficult to understand what exactly is done separately from the standards, at home it simply attracts with its inexplicable charm. In the case of such an architectural solution, you do not have to wonder how to decorate the exterior wall between floors.

A soft roof for the walls of the house will not do worse if you create the right combination. In this building, only one wall is decorated in an atypical way, but the other sides of the building are covered with panels. This is not only a creative solution, but also saving a significant amount of money. As a rule, the more attractive and atypical the material looks, the higher its cost. In addition, the wood version of the finish is a very complex, and therefore expensive installation.

Creating an attractive home exterior as a creative project

How to decorate the walls of the exterior of the house? If the project involves the construction of several structures at once, then it is better to use two main options for exterior design. The photo shows how brown color blends great with white, resulting in a colorful contrast and a very nice exterior. Here, natural mixed with artificial, dark with light. To make the territory of the house look as harmonious as possible, it is worth equipping the surrounding territory with the help of lush green bushes and trees.

Starting to create an attractive-looking building, it’s hard to stop. After all, there are hundreds of great ideas for creating a building design. But it is better to give preference to simplicity, which is often fraught with a lot of beauty.

Therefore, in the process of creating a project for a future construction, time frames should be considered.

Surprisingly, the exterior of just one wall of the house is able to completely change the appearance of the building. Its color and texture form the overall style of the structure. One detail can make the house modern and add a touch of chic to it, while covering the walls of the structure with special finishes, you will make the building more natural and natural. When doing the insulation of the walls of the exterior of the house, add a little creativity to this project and make your home even more luxurious.

Architects Austin Maynard Architects
Area225.0 m2