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Original Panoramic View House in the Canadian Forest

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Architects continue to work out in more detail the introduction of country cottages into the natural environment. Another such project is a trendy family home with panoramic views of the Canadian forest landscape. An object in a trendy eco-friendly style with barnhouse elements fits perfectly into the environment of wildlife and at the same time gives the owners the opportunity to literally plunge into its majesty. Let’s look at some techniques to further integrate housing into a forest landscape.

Perspective panoramic view from the house

The culminating part of the building on the second floor is brought forward and rises above the forest of the Charlevoix region with impressive natural pictures – a floating sky, a river meeting on the horizon with the sea, majestic trees. It is towards this view that the main panorama of the house is made.

The entire front part of the upper floor was used for stained glass, creating a small canopy to protect it from the sun, wind and precipitation. Shading the interior space, the canopy accentuates a promising, impressive look.

The architects planned the house so that the best panorama of this part of the forest could be seen from its windows.

Harmony of the house with panoramic views

When designing the cottage, the architects took into account the peculiarities of the local traditional building. These are wooden houses with features of rural buildings, which is typical for the project under consideration.

But at the same time, the classics of private Canadian housing construction were beaten in a modern manner, adding panoramic glazing, creating a space with an ergonomic, spacious configuration.

Along with simplicity, all the conditions for a comfortable, elite life have been created here – an open-air pool, a sauna, a recreation area by the fireplace, a terrace. The house has a spacious kitchen with a dining room, enough space for spending time with the family in the living room, secluded view bedrooms.

All the main social areas are located at the top, and it is from there that the main panoramic view of the Charlevoix forest opens.

Only traditional materials were used in the construction – wood, metal, glass. This brings the object to the environment. The forms are the simplest, corresponding to rural houses, hangars in this region. Due to these features, a house with a panoramic view harmoniously fits into a picturesque area, merges into the landscape and complements it.

ImagesStephane Brugger