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Original Sloping Roof Design Idea – Spectacular element of a modern chalet

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Architectural bureau Alexis Dornier presented an original and stylish country house in the style of a chalet, improving it due to the atypical shape of the roof. It is made in the form of waves, creating dynamic differences in the height of the ceiling in the house. Due to this, the interior turned out to be quite unusual and stylish without sacrificing comfort and practicality. The exclusive design of the sloping roof affected the convenience, functionality and showiness of the house. How exactly – we will consider further.

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slanted roof design – FUNCTIONALITY

The atypical, broken shape of the roof over the living room area provides high-quality protection from the scorching sun rays and preserves the privacy of the living area. The roof limits the view from the outside, which is quite relevant for this case, since the house has a panoramic glazing that can be viewed from neighboring areas. And due to the large area of the glazing, the rooms in the house receive a lot of daylight for a comfortable environment, even though a massive curtain rod protrudes from above and from above the windows.

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Sun protection is also quite relevant here, as the house is located in Indonesia, and in summer it is especially hot. Broken, curved roof allows you to keep a pleasant microclimate in the mansion throughout the day with minimal use of climate technology.

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Design sloping roof is designed so that in the rainy season, all the water from the surface flows towards green area, not on the terrace or sitting area adjoining the pool. And for this, it did not have to install a storm drain.

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modern pitched roof house – UNIQUE DESIGN

From the appearance and shape of the roof depends largely on the design of the building as a whole. Beautiful curved roof lines give the object exclusivity and spectacularity. It looks expensive, presentable and unusual. Due to large differences in height in the lines of the roof, the exterior of the house becomes dynamic and fits vividly into the surrounding natural landscape. The shape of the roof of the building resembles the waves of the ocean.

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Thanks to the special shape of the roof, it was possible to add originality and interior. The space is also dynamic and unique in form. The curved gable ceiling in the living room with a second light has become one of the main elements of the interior of this room.

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To make the house harmoniously fit into the natural environment, the roof was made in natural brown tones, using environmentally friendly materials – wood and tile. The house itself also focuses on environmental friendliness – safe, non-toxic materials are used, and the color palette is fully consistent with the natural environment.

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Thus, the design of a sloping roof in a country house has become one of the main elements of the originality of housing in a chalet style. The design is quite complex and is mainly used for luxury real estate. Therefore, even with the simplicity and small size of the house – like this one, with an area of 100 square meters – it will correspond to the level of an expensive elite mansion.

Architects Alexis Dornier
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