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Original Small Concrete House Design

Even a compact cottage can be realized in the most creative and unusual way. An example of this was the design of a small concrete house with an area of 99 sq. m. We are seeing a building of seemingly traditional form, but it was built far from the usual architectural standards.

This is a compact family holiday home. Consider the main features of a concrete structure, and why the project does not fit into the framework of the usual understanding of private housing.

Unusual roof shape in the design of a small concrete house

Instead of the usual roof, inclined walls were built in the cottage, forming a skylight in the center for high-quality insolation of the living room. This room here is made with a second light and access to the second floor under the hatch itself. Part of the living room continues to the upper level. Here we observe a recreation area with access to a small view balcony.

It was this performance that predominantly influenced the design of this small concrete house. It looks like a bunker, but at the same time, the silhouette and features of an ordinary suburban housing are clearly traced in it.

Thus, the house has no roof in the usual sense, and the second floor is not an attic, but a living space with inclined walls. Due to the interior in white color, the shade of sunlight penetrating through the hatch from above changes throughout the day. The room is flooded with bright daylight, then shrouded in the orange hue of the setting sun.

Wood in the design of a small concrete house

The architects combined the strength of concrete and the comfort, softness of wood in the house. Due to this, the building received an atmosphere of home comfort, although it looks conceptually and creatively.

The first floor on the south side is completely reserved for living rooms. This is where the living room and bedrooms with panoramic windows open up. The living spaces are slightly recessed into the structure of the concrete building, which creates a canopy over the glazing, protecting from the scorching sun. There is also a small terrace where you can relax, reading the news, or having a cup of tea.

This design of a small concrete house demonstrates the unlimited possibilities of monolithic construction technology, even with a minimum of possibilities. The original space received not only an unusual configuration, but also a peculiar highlight in the form of a skylight in the center.

ImagesNamgoong Sun