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Facade With Classic Exterior Foam Quoins

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Quoins is the format of the wall covering, as well as the intermediate space between several surfaces. This style is characterized by simple, but at the same time rough, uncouth lines along the center of the composition. The corners of the walls, on the contrary, are made smooth in the form of strips to give visual contrast.

Facade With Classic Exterior Foam Quoins

Quoins from the very beginning called the village decor, where it is customary to use untreated masonry. The first mention of the Quoins dates back to the times of the Roman Empire. Then the cladding was massive, unpolished, which perfectly provided reliable sound, noise and moisture insulation.

The Quoins facade, the photo of which you can find on our website, became especially popular in the Renaissance. The decoration of the palaces with rusticism was supplemented with a delicate stucco molding, which gave the facade a special charm. In modern practice Quoins is a relief plaster, which is attached to a brick or masonry pattern.

What is the Quoins you learned, and now let’s move on to the practical part. The process of creating Quoins is as follows:

  • The tin plate is attached to the slats that form the template. The size of this profile must correspond to the seam of the bar.
  • It is necessary to cut out the plate. Its basis is a sheet of steel to a millimeter of thickness. It must be nailed to the template with nails.

It is important that at the edges there are no extra corners that would interfere with the quality distribution of the solution on the wall.

How to make Quoins on the facade? Evenly and symmetrically move the pattern along the wall, distributing the solution. It is possible to experiment with texture and achieve non-standard solutions.

To strengthen the working tool, wood beams should be used. They will be a convenient support in the process of moving. Speeding up the work is possible if several Quoins are used simultaneously.

We offer you to choose Quoins on the facade, the price of which is available in our catalog. A large assortment will allow you to find the best solution for decorating the facade.

The installation of clinker tiles is the best solution, which guarantees the user durability and high quality. It is customary to put such a construction product not only on the floor surface, but also on the wall.

Floors, facades will look impressive, because a wide range of colors and textures of tiles is available for sale.

Clinker tiles for the facade, photo of which we have prepared especially for you – the most stable format in bad weather conditions.

Each unit consists of clay, which is subjected to a huge temperature roasting. This guarantees resistance to frost, moisture, mechanical damage, as well as the ability to give any shape and color.

It is important that the tile does not slip, can withstand a huge load on the surface. Due to an acceptable price, it is customary to install clinker tiles on the porch, basement, steps, as well as into the yard and the facade of the building.