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Panoramic Two Story House

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Freedom-loving individuals, considering the construction of their own house, often wonder what panoramic two-story houses can be. Residential premises, which, thanks to panoramic glazing, provide maximum space for their residents, are able to give unusual sensations and spatial connection with the whole world.

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The style of panoramic windows borrowed from French architects conquers the construction market and is used in the glazing of various buildings: apartments, private houses, office and industrial buildings. Panoramic windows look favorably in houses of any material: brick, reinforced concrete, wood, etc.

For any home, large windows provide adequate lighting and a great overview of the surrounding landscape. The presence of panoramic windows on the console floor offers special views of natural beauty.

Architectural solutions of a two-story panoramic house make it possible to create a unique and spacious dwelling from ordinary geometric shapes. Panoramic glazing of the first floor blurs the boundaries between the external and internal space, visually pushes the boundaries of the house. When the second floor is completely glazed, it is important to provide curtains or blinds so that, if necessary, a secluded atmosphere can be created.

Panoramic windows of the original configuration will give even the simplest design a special charm and uniqueness. For houses of a small area, panoramic glazing will be a real find: the interior will seem more spacious, taller and brighter.

In addition to aesthetic appeal, panoramic houses erected on a picturesque site allow you to enjoy beautiful views from anywhere in the building.

Sliding glass doors and solid glazing eliminate the boundaries between the environment and interior rooms. This feeling is enhanced by seamless tiles for the floor, wall decoration and floor covering in front of the house. Terraces are connected to the main premises and through panoramic doors provide free access to the courtyard, garden pavilion and pool.

Continuous glazing of the facade allows us to consider the pool as open and located inside the building. It all depends on the state of panoramic glass doors. Fully extended doors will allow you to swim in the open air, and closed doors will provide privacy and security to the pool.

The kitchen and dining area of the panoramic house are designed with the possibility of complete privacy. Restrained decoration materials in gray shades contribute to the atmosphere of privacy: polished concrete, stone floor and pastel colors of furniture.

The non-standard design of the bathroom using panoramic glazing destroys all traditional views on the arrangement of such an intimate space. Spatial connection with the external environment, an open and bright room – this solution for a panoramic bathroom does not contradict the possibility of privacy.

If necessary, panoramic windows can be used to close the blinds and spend time in solitude and solitude.

When equipping panoramic windows, it is necessary to take into account many factors and choose the right materials. Regardless of what panoramic two-story houses are, the reliability, durability and safety of the building will be ensured by professional glazing design.

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