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Pink Interior Design / Playful Decor for Adult Barbie

How the designers managed to adapt the modern pink interior to the apartment of an adult girl living with three cats.

Traditionally, pink interior is associated with princesses, children’s rooms, playfulness and tenderness. But the designers of the KC Design Studio beat pink as the main color of the adult girl’s housing, although they could not do without children’s elements. The peculiarity of the house is that the owner will live here with three cats, so the interior should also be adapted for pets.

Consider the techniques that allowed us to achieve the rigor of the interior with its rather playful and slightly childish design.

straightforward forms and a minimum of decor

Pink interior is minimalist. Style is associated with rigor, functionality and practicality. There is no place for decorations, patterns – the decor looks stylish, neat and adult. But the designers adapted it to the owner’s playful and slightly childish nature – toys on the shelves, colorful paintings in the style of pop art, soft soft light.

The entire private area on the second floor is equally well thought out for both the owner and her cats. At the disposal of pets podiums, steps, passages, bridges, ottomans and other elements. But not one of them is made for beauty – these are all functional designs without decor and extra details.

a combination of pastel colors with pink in the interior

Pastel remains the trend in modern interiors. The atmosphere in such tones looks strict, fashionable and spectacular. This pink interior is not an exception, but due to the color scheme associated with Barbie, a somewhat unusual atmosphere can be traced in it, as for an adult’s apartment.

Soft pastel colors in pink reflect the emotional state of the hostess. This is the atmosphere of a dreamer, connoisseur of beauty and good manners. Due to the color alone, the usual minimalist interior turns into a cozy, modern housing of the princess and her pets.

open plan

The house is intended for one tenant, so there was no need to strictly separate private areas. It was possible to distinguish between social and private space due to its location on different floors. But horizontally, the living space has virtually no boundaries, although visually divided. Even the bathroom in the private area is practically not closed from the living space – it is located on the catwalk behind a glass pink partition.

Thus, the pink interior by KC Design Studio is a modern setting for an adult Barbie. Housing looks quite practical, functional, there is nothing superfluous in it, but at the same time playfulness and tenderness can be traced.

ArchitectsKC Design Studio
PhotoHey! Cheese