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Restoration of an Old House in 2 Constructive Facade Solutions

The building is located in the village of Belmonte, Portugal. The house is located on the cliffs of Mount Serra da Estrela and was erected on a small slope. In the early twentieth century, this modest building served as a residential and utility room for a small family. After many years of the abandoned house conditions, architects Filipe Pina, and Maria Ines Costa decided to renovate the building. The presented restoration of the old house was carried out in two structural solutions for the design of the facade, the second part of which was built later.

The main objective of the project was to preserve the spaciousness of the building and create comfortable living conditions. This can be a vacation home, a boarding house, or your housing. Outwardly, the form resembles a farm building. Both parts of the structure are covered with new tiles. For the decoration of the facade, a more modern variation of the material palette was chosen. Each part has an individuality – one in the form of stone cladding, and the second – a corrugated metal finish.

The interior of the house

Implemented on 140 square meters restoration of old houses, photos of which we see, allowed to preserve the interior space of the premises. The rooms are located on two floors. In the old part there are bedrooms, and in the new living room, kitchen. The main concept of the idea of arrangement is the space of forms and materials. Therefore, natural wood of light tone was used for decoration, which gives light, warmth, and comfort.

In total, there are three bedrooms in the housing, each of which has a large area. Also on the second floor, there is a pantry, which can easily turn into a relaxation room. One room is located near the kitchen, and the other two are upstairs with a separate entrance. Even though the exterior of the restoration of the old house resembles a medieval style, the interior is completely modern.

Lack of interior details

The ceilings are painted white, just like the walls. Plywood paneling is used. The kitchen is equipped with a concrete counter and wooden furniture. The room does not have excess decor and is a cluttered area with unnecessary household appliances. Everything is reserved and harmonious.

For the entrance part in the form of a living room, a wood stove is installed, which is responsible not only for heating the house but also for the aesthetics of the interior. In all rooms, simple lamps without decor, and volumetric shades were selected. The competent use of simple materials and neutral shades allowed us to create the illusion of space, freedom, and lack of detail.

Нестандартные виды окон, формы дверей, дизайн позволили создать реставрацию старого дома, фото до и после которой поражают своей эстетикой. Архитекторы не только сделали из заброшенной постройки жилой дом, а наполнили его комфортом, духом современности.

The outer and inner parts fit perfectly into the atmosphere of the old village. The architects completed the impeccable work of restoring the old house, which became an example of a grandiose transformation from a medieval farm into a compact housing.

Architects Filipe PinaMaria Ines Costa
Photo João Morgado