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5 Features of a Scandinavian Style House

Country house in a Scandinavian style – modern connoisseurs choice, usability and functionality. In the design of such housing trends are closely intertwined – minimalism, environmental friendliness and high-tech. This is a relatively new style that was first used in the middle of the last century, and it reached the peak of popularity in the new millennium and now occupies one of the leading positions among the directions in interior design.

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Maximum natural light and color

Interior country-house have to be a light in the Scandinavian style. This applies not only to the color palette in decoration and furniture, which is as close to natural shades as possible, but, first of all, to a sufficient amount of daylight.

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The Scandinavian-style house should have large or panoramic windows on the sunny side. In large rooms, glazing from two or three sides at once, corner glazing systems are popular. This feature of housing affects not only the insolation of the premises, but also the species characteristics. Accordingly, landscape design in the Scandinavian style of a country house plays one of the key roles, since it offers a panoramic view from the windows.

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Walls, floors, ceilings are sure to be performed in neutral light colors – white, milky, gray, beige. Woody tones are also relevant. Furniture can be used in the tone of decoration, and a little lighter or darker to provide contrast and expressiveness of the interior. Only individual elements can be dark. For example, this is a brick chimney with a fireplace, window frames.

Conciseness and horizontal zoning

Country house in the Scandinavian style is simple in appearance, but at the same time it is comfortable and self-sufficient – the main priorities in the design of housing in Europe. It is characterized by open space and a minimum of decor. A chip in the design of such a house are fresh flowers. Green color harmoniously looks in the atmosphere in natural colors. Functional elements are also used here as shelves with flowerpots, chairs, armchairs, baskets, coasters.

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Scandinavian style in the interior of a country house implies a minimum of partitions. The rooms are divided into functional areas using furniture, light, glass, decoration.

Monophonic furniture is installed here, which is based on straightforwardness. These are interior elements made of natural materials – textiles, wood, metal. The main characteristic of the situation is the quality factor, stability, functionality.

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Scandinavian style in the architecture of the country house assumes a horizontal delineation of space and minimalist design. Instead of building a cottage in 2-3 floors, the project provides for the construction of three single-story combined buildings.

Environmental friendliness – as the basis of the house in the Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style appeared on the basis of the use in the interior of natural materials – primarily wood, stone, metal and glass. This trend has persisted and has become the main criterion that distinguishes this area from others.

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Modern house in the Scandinavian style, both inside and outside mainly made with natural materials. The walls and floors are finished with wood, stone, the roof is made of tiles, natural stone is used in decoration and decor.

Ultramodern technical stuffing

With maximum external simplicity, a Scandinavian country house should be equipped with branded designer plumbing and fixtures necessarily in a laconic, minimalist design. Chandeliers, spots and lamps act as accent elements of such an interior, but they should not clutter up the space. Compact pendant lights in contrasting colors dilute the monotony.

scandinavian style bedroom ideas

A Scandinavian-style kitchen in a country house is the most hidden built-in household appliances. At the same time, functionality is also one of the main criteria here.

Uniqueness and originality

This is an eclectic trend in which there are no strict rules. This feature allows designers to integrate the most original ideas into the interior – the main thing is to maintain straightforwardness, monotony. Moreover, each structure in the house should be designed to perform some function, and not just be used as decoration.

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This is not to say that the Scandinavian style in the interior of a country house is luxurious, but with proper housing design it looks expensive and fashionable. It contains all the basic modern values ​​regarding the registration of real estate – such a house is ergonomic, it uses every meter of space as useful as possible, and any element of the environment primarily has a functional rather than decorative purpose. Maximum proximity to nature provides a comfortable environment for humans, and plays in favor of a favorable microclimate.

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