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Shed Roof of a Large House in Ethno Project Pine, Brazil

With the longitudinal placement of the building plot, the shed roof of a large house allows you to combine living space and the surrounding landscape. Open areas located under the roof canopies act as smoothly flowing structural elements from the interior rooms to the green courtyard.

The country house, made in the style of local farm buildings, is designed in the national architectural style of the Argentinean village. The use of perennial pine wood for the erection of the roof and retaining beams continues the architectural thread of the unity of the construction ensemble and local color.

Tile roofing of local production naturally fits into the surrounding natural splendor. The inclined design of the back wall creates an unusual facade and shades the interior rooms on hot summer days, creating a cozy and comfortable living space in the house.

Preserved natural vegetation around the building and the inner house, paved with natural stone, create an atmosphere around the house, as close as possible to the natural environment. Rest and walks in such a yard will become like a trip to the pristine forest.

At the same time, the vast green lawn from the front door of the house allows you to fully enjoy the spacious, open view, not only from the terrace under the sloping roof, but also from all internal rooms.

The shed roof of a large house is a unique opportunity to equip protected and comfortable outdoor recreation areas for all family members.

interior solutions under the tiled roof of a large country mansion

Panoramic windows and solid glazed doors in combination with metal structures visually combine the external and internal space of the building. Pine retaining posts and longitudinal ceiling beams in the interior also act as one of the unifying elements, giving the premises a natural warmth and natural simplicity.

The back wall, located under a slope, gives the rooms an unusual appearance, and panoramic windows – spatial purity. Partitions made of wood and a non-standard arrangement of wooden furniture were successfully used for zoning the space.

When arranging the kitchen and dining area, the construction of a shed roof was successfully beaten. White color and natural shades of wood create a restrained and modest interior that matches the folk style.

The sleeping rooms are combined with the bathroom not only constructively, but also stylistically. Wooden elements and white color create a single space; a thin partition without doorways was used for its zoning.

The use of supporting wooden columns in the interior is inherent in ethnic styles. Poles can carry a structural or decorative load. Successfully beat the necessary structural elements will help interior solutions in the ethno-direction.

ArchitectsCanalli Arquitetura
PhotoEduardo Macarios