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Simple Forms In The Cork House Project

Cork House

An innovative approach to architectural solutions with an emphasis on the environmental component found its bright embodiment in a cork house. This unique example of modern housing construction is almost entirely made of cork panels, which provide the home with a strong relationship with the natural environment.

Cork exterior 👉 An architectural idea, as a continuation of the natural environment

Cork walls and a roof, although they are something outlandish and unusual in the construction of residential buildings, at the same time have many advantages and useful characteristics. As a natural material, cork meets all the requirements of environmental friendliness and minimal environmental impact. All cork elements of the building can be reused or recycled without harming the environment. In addition, the cork coating absorbs hydrocarbon, therefore it can even make the air in the house cleaner and fresher.

Cork constructions are unusually light and do not require a massive and solid foundation. The construction of a house on stilts will greatly simplify the construction, and reduce the cost of it without compromising the strength and stability of the building.

Houses made of cork blocks have high sound and heat insulation qualities. Therefore, they do not require an additional soundproofing layer or insulation, and thanks to the decorative cork coating, additional decoration for external walls is also not needed.

The non-standard design and the presence of a curly lock allow you to assemble all 1268 cork elements in the original residential building without the use of fasteners, mortar, or glue.

The decorativeness and naturalness of cork structures create a harmonious unity of architectural forms and natural landscapes.

The roof of the house, made in the form of truncated pyramids, continues the general impression of the extraordinary and eccentricity of the house.

Cork interior 👉 A soft and relaxed atmosphere in the house

Rethinking ancient Celtic dwellings received a new sound in the interior design of a cork house. The location of the interior corresponds to the structural rhythm of the pyramidal parts of the roof.

The general architectural idea is continued by cork walls and ceilings, velvety and soft to the touch and spreading a unique aroma. Window frames and doors made of dark wood, and floors made of light spruce boards give the interior of the house restrained extravagance and nobility.

The luster of the copper details of the bathrooms and the kitchen revitalizes the space and allows the wooden surfaces to sparkle with new colors and shades.

Like all wooden structures, cork houses have an increased fire hazard. Do not neglect the treatment of such surfaces with special fire-resistant impregnations and mixtures. This will protect your home and the lives of your loved ones from the harmful elements of fire.

ArchitectsDido MilneMatthew Barnett HowlandOliver Wilton
PhotoDavid GrandorgeMagnus DennisRicky JonesAlex de Rijke