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5+ Small and Simple House Design Ideas

Compositional simplicity and aesthetic excellence are fundamental design concepts for a small private house in Menorca. The rural highlands served as an excellent backdrop for a pristine clean residential complex.


The residential complex is presented as a combination of two architectural forms. Two separate buildings stand, on the one hand, as the traditional local buildings of the island, and, on the other, as examples of modern architecture. Structural cleanliness and aesthetics combine a simple cubic structure and a house with a gable roof.

Clear geometric lines contrast with the smooth relief lines of the plot. At the same time, it gives the impression of a respectful attitude of architectural innovations to the surrounding nature: a residential building, standing out against the backdrop of a green landscape, tries to integrate as much as possible into the natural environment, opening all windows and doors towards the sun and the wind.

The island freshness of the heavenly and green expanses of Menorca manages to enter the house through large square window and doorways, which act as a link between the local area and the minimalism of the interior of the interior.

The residential complex, consisting of two separate buildings of various geometric shapes, enhances the duality of the perception of the design of a small private house. The kitchen, dining room and living room located in the larger room are connected to the outside world through panoramic glazing of windows and doors, and in the second building there are auxiliary rooms and a gym with access to the pool.

The virgin whiteness of all internal surfaces repeats the pure colors of the facade and emphasizes the picturesque outdoor landscape outside the window. Wooden slopes and interior elements made of natural materials create a cozy and calm atmosphere in all rooms, which contributes to a good rest and meditation in nature.

Window openings in a wooden frame look like an artistic canvas depicting a mountainous landscape. Light colors do not distract the attention of residents from the contemplation of island panoramic views.

In this interior there is no place for excessive decorative and elaborate details: only cleanliness and severity of lines, natural elegance and restraint.

White color in the decoration of internal and external walls has been the most common since the earliest times, because even small and insignificant interior details look advantageous against a light background. However, so that the design of a small private house using a white palette of colors does not look boring and monotonous, adequate natural and artificial lighting should be provided.

ArchitectsMarina Senabre
PhotoJulio Feroz


Which of us does not dream of living in a beautiful big house? But, often, financial opportunities do not allow to build and maintain a cottage with a large area.

In addition, the building plot can be small or complex configurations, where it is simply unrealistic to place a large building in area. The ideal solution is to build a small private house on your site.

Modern architecture, thanks to the imagination and development of the designers, represents a large number of both standard and unique designs of small houses. Perhaps the easiest option for the construction of a small dwelling will be the use of a ready-made project. After all, additional funds are needed to develop project documentation.

If you want to save on documentation, then you can contact a specialized construction company. Designers will take into account your wishes and help you choose the option that suits your case.

Construction stages

The first thing the construction company specialists do is go to the construction site. According to the plan of the construction site, relief cannot be determined. With large volumes of earthwork to level the surface of the construction site, the cost of building the building will increase.

An important issue is the availability of buildings in neighboring areas. There are building codes and rules that put forward certain requirements for the placement of buildings. For example, regulated by the distance from the border of neighboring sections, fire breaks. It is also important to properly orient the building to the cardinal points. After all, it is, for example, all year round in the living room with artificial light on – not very comfortable.

You should also decide in advance how and where farm buildings will be located. Perhaps you plan to arrange a pool or a small lake on the site – all this must be taken into account when planting the building. Specialists will make the binding of a typical project to the site or offer you to develop a new design solution.

Do not forget that before starting the construction of the house it is necessary to submit a notice to the competent authority about the planned construction of the house. If until August 4, 2018 it was necessary to obtain a permit for the construction of individual residential houses, and summer cottages and garden houses did not require a permit, now the procedure has changed. For any house construction, a notice should be given. Documents prescribed by law are also submitted to the completed document form. Now it is not required to submit to the competent authority the urban development plan of the site and the development plan.

After waiting for notification of the compliance of the planned construction with the established parameters, you can proceed to the construction work. You can execute them within ten years from the date of receipt of the document.

The construction of a small private house

You have the right both to build a house on your own and to use the services of a construction company that will perform all turnkey works. Construction work must be carried out in compliance with all stages and technologies. Otherwise, the building may not last long or even worse – collapse in a short time. Specialists will take into account the geological features of the site, the level of freezing of the soil, the level of groundwater, permissible loads on the foundation and other structural elements.

Also, depending on your financial capabilities, you can choose both expensive building materials, and cheap. The cost of materials does not always determine their quality. Choosing everything you need for construction is also advisable with specialists. Therefore, if you are not a specialist in the field of construction, then such a serious issue as building a house should be entrusted to professionals.

Actually, not only the construction of walls and roofs need to be approached correctly, but also to providing the house with utilities. Often in the areas remote from the city center there are no engineering networks for gas supply, water supply and drainage.

Communications in a small private house

Therefore, it is important to think ahead how the house will be heated, where the water will be taken from and how the drains will be discharged. Modern technologies can significantly save on energy resources. As an example – the use of solar panels. Although at the initial stage you will have to pay a tidy sum for the panels, in a few years all this can pay off with interest.

Upon completion of construction work, it is necessary to submit a notice of completion to the competent authority. New legislation does not require commissioning of the facility.

I hope you have received the information you need. And soon a small private house will flaunt on your site: beautiful, cozy, comfortable and energy-efficient.

ArchitectsFearon Hay Architects
Area100.0 m2


Located in the southwest of Seattle, a simple, small house is the epitome of functional and thoughtful design. Compact suburban housing for a young couple open to the sun and has a close relationship with the surrounding landscape and garden. Clear geometric shapes are smoothed out by the unusual central entrance to the building.

The unique design of the house does not require special care, has extraordinary strength and durability. The metal profiles used for wall decoration give the building a austere and finished look. Architects have denied that simplicity is synonymous with inconvenience and cramped space. The compact size of the premises did not affect their convenience and comfort.

The pediment of the building in the form of an asymmetric ridge is oriented to the sunny side. In appearance, the house, located between the parking place and the garden, resembles a cat, frozen in anticipation before the jump. Green spaces reinforce these associative perceptions of the unity of the home with the environment.

The metal profile for facing the house has a number of advantages: low cost, strength, lightness, corrosion resistance, long service life, ease of installation. Metal profile houses can withstand seismic loads and can be built at any time of the year.

A wide sliding door with full glazing opens the inner living space towards the garden and patio. Due to the abundance of sunlight and high ceilings, the small living room and kitchen seem more spacious and brighter. An open sliding door creates a single space, combining an outdoor recreation area and a common internal area of the house.

A smaller number of windows is compensated by their thoughtful arrangement for the most effective use. Along the kitchen counter, there is a “hidden” window illuminating the working kitchen surface. Although the entire interior is equipped with a small number of window openings, they are located in such a way that there is enough sunlight in any corner of the house.

A continuation of this effective daylight strategy is four parallel glazed hatches on the sloping roof of the loft. Thanks to these hatches and light walls, the upper room looks bright, spacious and life-affirming. And for a romantic evening you can think of nothing better than a glass roof: the starry sky can be observed directly from the house.

All the rooms of a simple small house, despite the cold restraint of the exterior, have a warm and welcoming aura. Natural materials in the decoration, the predominance of pastel and light colors created a cozy and soft atmosphere. A bedroom with a rustic but effective window opening is also made in this style.

The bathroom supports the general design idea: light colors, reliability, durability and a simple simple window. Uncomplicated and focused design solutions are supplemented by heated concrete floors. If necessary, they will fill this good interior of a simple small house with real home warmth and coziness.

Architects SHED Architecture & Design
Photo Mark Woods


The best place to relax from the bustle of the city among the green fields and trees can be a small wooden house. Despite its size, it attracts with its environmental cleanliness and naturalness. For a couple in love, such a house will be a secluded abode of love and tenderness among the natural beauties of the countryside.

Wood is one of the traditional building materials and for many centuries has not lost ground in the construction of residential buildings. Natural wood creates residential buildings with a favorable and comfortable microclimate. This is facilitated by the advantages of wooden structures over other building materials.

Wooden houses naturally fit into any natural landscape, they look like a continuation of the landscape, and not some kind of foreign object. The natural beauty of the tree and its soft shades give the building a relaxed and peaceful look.

The tree has excellent hygroscopicity and breathability, therefore it is able to absorb excess moisture and create a favorable microclimate in the room.

Some valuable species of wood, for example, oak, pine, cedar, have bactericidal properties. They are able to secrete essential substances, which not only aromatize the air, but also kill pathogenic bacteria and microorganisms.

The anti-allergenic properties of wood are very important when equipping the interior of a house. Wooden walls and ceilings, wooden furniture are safe for people with allergies and small children.

The combination of wooden structures with panoramic glazing gives the small wooden house lightness and airiness, while the interior provides excellent natural light.

Wooden structures are easy to install, so wooden houses can be dismantled and installed if necessary on a new site. In addition, wooden buildings are lightweight and do not require powerful foundations. For the installation of a wooden building, a light base or installation on piles is suitable.

With all the aesthetics, natural beauty and cosiness of wooden houses, one should not forget about some of the mandatory conditions that will ensure the safety and longevity of a home. The fire hazard of a tree is one of these important factors. Minimizes the risk of fire processing of wooden surfaces with special impregnating agents.

To extend the service life of wooden structures, impregnations and varnishes with water-repellent and antibacterial properties are used. It is important for external wooden walls to protect them from the adverse effects of the external environment and to prevent rotting and cracking of the tree.

When constructing wooden buildings, it should be noted that any wooden building requires some time for shrinkage. Safe from the deformation of the surface and the loss of the original appearance of the acquisition of quality wood. If this is a little and will increase construction costs, but it will allow you to get just such a small wooden house that you dreamed about.



An unwritten rule of architecture says that the design of a country house should correspond to the wishes and dreams of each family member, and the climatic conditions of the region. A cozy and non-standard holiday home for families and friends in the Indian area of Gujarat meets all these requirements.

The hot and dry climate dictated its conditions during the construction of the country house. The original design of the roof allows you to obscure windows and walls from direct sunlight, creating a comfortable cool indoors. An open fenced balcony is also protected from the bright sun by a canopy and serves as a great place to relax in the fresh air.

To build the walls of the suburban cottage, local materials were used, which gives the house a special local flavor. High-quality brick and artistic chain masonry turned the exterior walls of the house into original surfaces that look advantageous against the background of bright natural greenery.

The brick house can be given an original appearance by using facing art masonry. Which masonry to use depends on your artistic taste and the skill of a bricklayer. At your disposal are Gothic, English, Dutch double-row, cross, spoon, Silesian, Brandenburg and other types of masonry. To make your home look like a work of art, pay attention to the quality of the brick and the professionalism of the masonry master. A fence made of the same material as the walls will give the entire building ensemble a complete and concise sound.

An asymmetrical roof has another feature: a multilayer structure without concrete elements. The use of local building materials makes the structure light and durable, gives it good thermal insulation properties, which is very important in hot climates. The absence of heavy concrete structures reduces the excessive load on the bearing walls of the building.

Natural colors in the design of the house create a peaceful and calm atmosphere that promotes meditation and solitude in nature. A tree of local species in design, a brick and metal supports of the same color are framed by a blind area made of polished stone. A worktop made from the same material gives the outdoor seating area a modern and sophisticated look.

Bright mosaic on the surface of the countertops and rectangular motifs of the concrete cover echo the multicolor of local cultural traditions. Clear geometric shapes prevailing in the interior and exterior of the building continue the overall architectural line.

The rooms of the house used the original round windows, reminiscent of the portholes of the ship. Color stained-glass windows look like the canvases of real artists and bring notes of joy and light into the interior.

Brick monotony of the inner recreation area dilutes the furniture made by the hands of local artisans, bright sofa cushions the window-porthole.

The small window openings provided for by the design of the country house are designed to keep the house cool, and the successful design of the windows provides cross ventilation of the rooms.

Architects Tushar Parikh and Associates
Photo Cross Clicks