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Stone Wall Houses ✓ Cozy Project Surrounded by Coniferous Forest

In a majestic forest landscape with centuries-old pines and lush greenery, a luxurious mansion lurks, almost without attracting attention. It seems to be disguised in the environment, but it is worth taking a closer look, and before us is a chic project of a house with stone walls, large panoramic windows, terraces lined with wood.

The architects deliberately introduced the architecture into the environment in such a way that it remained as inconspicuous as possible. As a result, the forest landscape was practically not affected by human intervention. The same majestic, mysterious atmosphere with a touch of romance reigns here. And residents can enjoy it.

Tools for integrating a houses with stone walls into a forest

The first successful solution for introducing a spacious family cottage into the landscape was a harmonious palette. The house is made in natural colors, characteristic of the surroundings. Moreover, the ratio of dark and light shades is approximately the same as in nature around. This disguise works like camouflage. Due to this palette, the influence of the embedded object on the landscape is minimized.

The next tool, due to which the project of a stone wall home plunged into a luxurious forest landscape, was the use of natural, natural materials. Surface cladding with pine lamellas, basalt stone, reclaimed teak wood allowed the architecture to merge with the landscape. The structures are assembled from materials typical of the area.

The last tool for introducing a house into the forest was the simplicity of architecture. Strict lines, designs without decor, large, open openings and panoramic windows, due to which housing is integrated into the landscape, minimize the emphasis on the house itself. It does not stand out from the overall picture, but only complements it.

Lightness And Freedom At Stone Wall Home In The Forest

The mansion embedded in the forest does not at all look like a bunker, dugout or shelter. Although the object is successfully camouflaged in the environment, there are also large panoramic windows and places for outdoor recreation. The building itself is quite large and massive.

Openness, freedom of planning solutions give residents extraordinary opportunities in the context of contact with the natural environment. Housing is filled with fresh air, aromas, sounds of the forest, muffled, romantic light.

With open spaces in the premises, the most comfortable microclimate is maintained, which is regulated by nature itself. Pine trees protect from the scorching sun, greenery cools the air, saturates it with oxygen. The atmosphere is ideal not only to relax, but also to improve your health, gain new strength and strengthen your immune system.

A beautiful, spacious stone wall home became the center of the site. The building is immersed in the mysterious environment of a coniferous forest, closely intertwining with it and letting in an unusual atmosphere inside the premises. Such a house is suitable for people who seek to live in comfort and at the same time coexist with wildlife, respecting its rules.

ArchitectsFaulkner Architects
ImagesJoe Fletcher