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10+ Magnificent Storage Places in a Small Apartment

How to organize storage in a small apartment – original ideas, photos, descriptions. Examples of designer storage areas in a small room.

It is possible to provide comfort and spaciousness of housing with a small living space due to the competent arrangement of storage areas, sports equipment, and seasonal equipment. Storage spaces in a small apartment can be arranged under the ceiling, in furniture, and in corners, area which is not used to good use.

Consider examples of such structures in the example of projects.

DIY storage places in the apartment in the form of a second level

Due to the sufficient height of the ceiling, an apartment has a storage area above the bed. Using 50-70 cm of height for the structure, enough free space will remain under it. The design was not in vain done over a berth – this allowed not to clutter up the space, to exclude too low a ceiling at the passage.

Designers designed a bed in front of the window, a drawer is arranged above it, in which you can put seasonal things, and equipment. The free space under the bed is also used with the benefit – of installed pull-out lockers for storing bedding, and clothes.

Thus, the recreation area is designed as a niche with storage places below and above. Because the structure is located in front of the window, it remains light and visually not cramped.

integration of storage areas and furniture

Storage space in a small apartment is popularly done in furniture. These may not necessarily be drawers under the bed, as in the first example. Under the berth, they organized a whole closet, moving the bed to the podium.

You need to go upstairs to the bedroom place – this is also an original way to make the interior interesting. The steps of the podium are also designed as drawers. The height under the bed is enough for placing things on hangers, and folding them on shelves – in such a bedroom you do not need a separate wardrobe.

You can implement the solution in any style – from classic to loft or minimalism. Depending on the chosen direction, these storage spaces in a small apartment can be made in the form of lockable structures or open shelving.

inconvenient use

If the apartment has uncomfortable corners that are difficult to use useful, a small space between furniture, for example, between kitchen cabinets – there you can also arrange storage areas.

Designers suggest installing the cabinet in a corner that is practically not involved – this will allow you to get the maximum benefit from square meters. Storage spaces between furniture should be equipped according to their height. An uncomfortable area also includes the space under the stairs. Under this design, you can equip a wardrobe, dressing room, and shelving.

Proper design allows you to place storage in a small apartment so that the space remains bright and spacious, you can implement the interior in any style.